2020 Lent Devotional Resource Now Available

January 24, 2020

2020 Lent Resource (PDF) (online) — The Rev. Dr. Betty M. Green and the Rev. Dr. Irvin W. Green are the writers again this year for the Lenten meditations.

Betty Miller Green is the founder and executive director of Beyond Sunday Morning Inc., a ministry formed to help to prepare congregations and their leaders to provide better pastoral care to those who have been abused. She also serves as the Associate Pastor of Woodland Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Columbus, Ohio.

Irvin W. Green is the pastor of Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Kettering, Ohio.

The season of Lent is the period prior to Easter. The period, which lasts from Ash Wednesday to Easter, extends for 40 days (excluding Sundays). The observance of Lent varies greatly among Christians, both in denominational participation, and according to personal practice. It is most prominent in the life of the Catholic Church, but it is valued by members of most denominations as well as non-denominational churches.

Lent is regarded as an opportunity for reflection, as the time approaches to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The contrast of experience and emotion, in recalling these two events is to be expected. It would not be exaggeration to think of Good Friday and Easter as the best and worst events in history. This tension affects the nature of the reflection that believers engage in.

Many believe that the compelling theme of Lent should be remorse. We should, according to this school of thought, be considering our collective guilt, which required Christ to lose his life. Others celebrate the coming of Christ as a divine gift, for which they are grateful. Additionally, the theology of redemption and the new covenant between God and humanity occupy much of the consideration of this season.

Ultimately, persons will determine for themselves how involved they will be in Lenten observation and how to conduct their observance. Congregations, regions, and special shared gatherings will offer opportunities to choose from. These writings seek to be among the resources from which our members and friends can draw.

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