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Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Labor Trafficking/Immigration & Unaccompanied Child Migrants Resour

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Breaking the Chains: Link By Link – Immigration / Labor Trafficking Section 1: Information About the

Policymakers Urged to Protect Refugees

...of origin and carefully assess any informational campaigns or enforcement proposals for consistency with refugee protect

Background & Resources

Black Immigrants & Refugees Central America Detention/Deportation Family Detention Human Trafficking S

Labor-3 Organizations

...the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. This web site can answer many of your questions. It inc

Faith and Human Rights Partners in the “Value Our Families” Coalition Raise Concerns About Anti-Immigrant Bills

Washington, D.C., June 13, 2018 — Speaker Paul Ryan has promised his caucus they will vote on at least two anti-immig

Fusion Later/Fusion Now: People Coming Together for Climate Solutions

...knowledge and the human endeavor are commendable. When it comes to human production of


...launching a powerful new website that gives global online audiences an informative and compelling insight into the Syria

Link By Link – 2- Immigration/Labor

...extortion, and human trafficking. Below are a host of sources which provide information, resources, org

Labor-2 Resources

...This Happen?: Human Trafficking and the Laws That Make It Possible,” by Tana Liu-Beers, Immigrati

Faith Leaders Denounce White Supremacy and Call Administration to Welcome Immigrants

...white supremacism while calling on the Trump administration to renounce its dangerous anti-immigrant policy agenda. Rabb


...and the new era of human rights for farmworkers it has delivered, denominational presidents, bishops, m

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