Citizenship Pathways Updates, Invites, & Actions

December 17, 2021
What’s Happened Lately with Efforts for Pathways to Citizenship?
The House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better (BBB) Act last month, which includes work permits and protections from deportation for up to 7.1 million undocumented immigrants, renewable up to 10 years. Falling short of offering promised pathways to citizenship, the bill then moved to the Senate, where negotiations now seem certain to continue into the New Year.
As the Senate works on the Build Back Better Act, many people of faith stand hopeful and ready to urge the Senate to act boldly and deliver on their promise to create pathways to citizenship. Yet last night, the Senate Parliamentarian denied approval for the opportunity of “parole” to be included in the bill, which would have offered protections for over 7 million immigrants. 
What does all this mean? What happens next depends on continued, collective efforts to push for strongest protections possible towards a path to citizenship.
How are Your Heart & Prayers Leading You to Act for Immigrant Protections?
  • Will you continue to urge the Biden administration and Congress to make sure an inclusive pathway to citizenship for immigrant essential workers, farmworkers, and people with DACA, TPS, and DED is still included in the final version of the bill?
  • Will you prioritize the dignity of all, and help ensure that legislation does not exclude our immigrant neighbors based on prior interactions with our nation’s racist criminal legal system, and does not add amendments which could further harm immigrant communities?
Here are 5 Ways to Take Action to Support Pathways to Citizenship:
(Click on each link below for resources, and find
Toolkits for faith advocacy & prayers HERE & HERE)
1) Keep Praying with these prayer/story resources & Host a Faith Event
more about the Parliamentarian’s Decision & possible next steps.