2018 Clinicians & Presenters

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Track # 1 Embody Pentecost Power: Reach the Masses

Workshop 1: How to Engage ALL voices at the table of visioning the 21st Century Church Panel
Panelist should be able to speak to the most significant societal trends that are serving to shape and impact the 21st century church, and offer insight as to what the 21st century church is, and or is forming into, with practical and effective ways the church can respond. Grounded in the text, 1 Joel 2:28 and 2 Acts 2:17, and their own experience, panelist should offer learned wisdom and effective strategies for engaging all voices in congregational visioning and implementation, (ie: age, gender, race, economic status, sexuality, etc). They should also be prepared to share their own innovated ministry techniques and projects that have effectively engaged a diverse population, and or an under-served population in the life of the church.


Rev. Terrell McTyer
Hope Partnership, Minister for New Church Strategies 
Christian Church Disciples of Christ
Indianapolis, IN



Rev. Milton Bowens
Pastor, Shepherd Street Christian Church
Oklahoma City, OK


Rev. Yvonne Gilmore
Associate Dean of Disciples Divinity House, University of Chicago
Chicago, IL




Workshop #2 Casting and Implementing Vision: Serving Well Through the Process
This workshop should offer wisdom and practical strategies for casting and implementing vision at various stages in the life of the church. With an emphasis on casting new vision and implementing it in an aging and or established congregation, this workshop should lift up leadership skills, spiritual wisdom, and practical insights as to how one should approach this task from start to finish.

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Hale
Senior Pastor, Ray of Hope Christian Church
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Decatur, Georgia


Rev. Lashaundra Smith McCarty
Owner, 3C: Creative, Communication and Consulting



Workshop # 3: 21st Century Church: Understanding and Implementing  Ministry Technology in Your Church
This workshop should guide, inspire and offer practical ways clergy can engage and implement technology into the life of the church. Presenters should help clergy understand the ways technology can support and enhance existing congregational practices, culture and traditions, all while giving room for innovative and creative forms of congregational ministry and practices. Both Rev. McCarty and Rev. Butler will present together to offer various perspectives in this workshop.


Rev. Jabari N. Butler
Associate Minister at Ray of Hope Christian Church
Regional Elder, Georgia Region
President, CIO Services Group, LLC


Track # 2: Stay in Rhythm with the Spirit

Workshop #1: Work, Life Balance Part 1: Unearthing the Causes of Burnout & Maintaining Healthy Personal and Professional Identities

Angela Whitenhill, LCSW
Mental Health Initiative Manager
National Benevolent Association
Covenant Christian Church
Cary, NC


Workshop #2: Work, Life Balance Part 2: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Self- Care Strategies with a Clergy Cash Flow
Building off of our first work/life balance workshop that lifts up the psychological and emotional barriers to healthy self-care practices, this workshop will focus on practical, everyday strategies for clergy to achieve a healthy sense of balance (spiritually, physically, emotionally and psychological) all while living on a typical clergy budget.

Rev. Dr. Toni Hawkins
First Vice Moderator, Christian Church of KY
Pastor, Open Door Christian Church (DOC)
Self Care Consultant, Take Care with Self Care
Louisville, KY

Workshop #3: Spiritual Development Practices for All Ages
This workshop should guide, inspire and offer practical ways clergy can establish daily spiritual nurture, devotion and spiritual development practices to receive the power, nurture and care the Pentecost spirit offers clergy in our personal lives.

Rev. Dr. Paul Saddler
Senior Pastor
Twelfth Street Christian Church
Washington, DC

Worship Leader (Tuesday- Thursday) @ 8:30am

Rev. Dr. Frank A. Thomas
Christian Theological Seminary
Indianapolis, IN