African American Staff at DHM

Helpful tips for contacting staff

We, the African American DHM staff, would like to share a few recommendations with you to help facilitate a working relationship regarding participation with African American Disciples’ convocations, conventions, fellowships, assemblies and congregations throughout North America. You might wonder, how can “I” help or what can “we” do? Please allow us the opportunity to openly share and suggest the following: 

  • Request our services by phone, followed with written invitation. We encourage 90 days or more advance notice, if possible.
  • Inform us of your request for assignments and responsibilities ahead of time, in writing.
  • Schedule intentional time for us to meet with constituents during the event.
  • Publicize promptly and persistently to congregations and regions about upcoming events, especially events which involve your general staff from Disciples Home Missions.
  • Invite us into your planning process. We are available to help develop models for your event.
  • Remember, we are available to serve as workshop facilitators, preachers, keynoters, resource persons, etc. We are also able to share about any of the work Disciples Home Missions provides.

R. Wayne Calhoun Sr.

Executive for the Office of Evangelism & Congregational Transformation
Disciples Home Missions
(317) 713-2650

Lonna Owens

Vice President for Finance
(317) 713-2682


Sheila Spencer

Director of Christian Education/Faith Formation
Assistant to the President
(317) 713-2634

Chesla Nickelson

Program Director
Disciples Women
(317) 713-2668

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