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I am so excited to be writing this letter to you all about our plans for ADM 2022. Our organization has suffered from the events of the COVID-19 virus and its devastating effect on our world. I hope that the worst of this pandemic is behind us, and we can look forward to a safer and friendlier 2022.

I can testify to you all that I have experienced some personal struggles during the time we were isolated from each other. I remember thinking in early 2020 that COVID would be eradicated quickly, and we would easily be able to gather that summer and enjoy the outstanding conference that Randy Frieling and his team put together. I am sure many of you experienced the same feelings of disappointment that I felt when it became abundantly clear that the event had to be cancelled.

I looked ahead to the 2021 Workshop. The planning committee, Sara Collins, Alin Cass and Ed Varnum joined me in securing a first-class group of clinicians. We were working on plans to return to Texas Christian University, the site of our first Workshop 60 years ago. We hoped to have at least 100 people attend the week-long celebration of Disciple musicians, clergy, and friends. However, our 2021 Workshop also had to be cancelled due to the unrelenting virus that had gripped our world.

I attempted to stay connected as best I could with many of you through Zoom sessions, cards, emails, texts, and phone calls. I was grateful to have some level of connection with my ADM family, but it all paled in comparison to our conferences. I so need to give you all a big hug and share smiles. My heart yearns to hear the full and luscious harmonies we produce when we sing together. My soul is hungry for the spiritual renewal I receive in daily Worship and  Worship seminars. My mind desires to be stimulated again by the many interesting conversations that are an integral part of the week-long experience. I have missed you all so much.

I want you to be assured that the ADM Council and Planning Team have been working diligently together to prepare for your arrival at The University of Tulsa in (who knew?) Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 17, 2022, with a western cookout and line dancing before we gather to introduce our clinicians and option leaders. We have continued with the theme “Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here.” Most of the 2021 clinicians and option leaders will be with us in 2022. We have been fortunate to keep conference expenses to be almost the same fees and costs of the 2019 event. Please take the time to review all the conference information on the website that Claire Meredith so ably manages. Also read the newsletters from our Editor, Brad Burnham for additional information about our conference, clinicians, ADM leadership and the wonderful support we receive from the professional Indianapolis team, led by Warren Lyn. He has fabulous support from Anne Marie Moyars.

Now ADM 2022 Workshop is missing only one more thing. YOU! In order for our organization to thrive and our yearly conferences to survive, YOU need to commit by attending the workshop and bringing at least ONE person with you who has not attended the workshop for several years or who may never have attended. I have been attending ADM Conferences since 1978, missing just 3 or 4 events over the years. I have seen our membership dwindle from 300+ to fewer than 90. If that trend continues, then our leadership will have some difficult decisions to make. Let’s avoid that outcome by building a strong number of attendees for 2022, including YOU!

Love and Blessings Always,

Katrina Bright Cochran
President, ADM 2022

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