Transformation Timeline

Did you know that there are 677 individuals, from pastors, lay leaders, regions and the general office interested in transformation and have either attended one of the transformation events, served on a transformation team or are a transforming congregation? Those individuals and congregations are under the umbrella of 30 regions within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). To see a complete list of DHM’s involvement select Congregational Transformation Date Timeline or Congregational Transformation List Timeline.

Congregational Transformation Timeline

July, 2004. DHM Advocate Article
It’s All About Transformation

January 24-25, 2005.  Design Team for Congregational Transformation meets in Indianapolis.

February 2005. Formed the Implementation and Planning Team for the 2006 Congregational Transformation Event.
Norma Roberts, Director.

Easter, 2005. DHM Advocate Articles on Transformation.
DHM Launches Congregational Transformation Initiative
It’s All About Transformation
What Is A Healthy Congregation?

April/May, 2005. DHM Advocate Article
Congregational Life Cycle

July, 2005.  Promoted 2006 Event at General Assembly. Introduced resources:
What A Difference A Leader Can Make
Some of the Ways Transformation Will Take Shape

August/September/October, 2005.  DHM Advocate Article
Journeying the Good News Road

November/December, 2005/January 2006. DHM Advocate Article
Journeying the Good News Road.

January 18-20, 2006.  Congregational Transformation Event held in Arlington, Texas with 250 in attendance.
Participants who attended received a notebook of resources. Participants also received at a later date CD’s of keynote presentations.

February/March/April, 2006. DHM Advocate Articles
Good News Road: A Conference on Congregational Transformation
What are the Marks of a Healthy Church?
On the Good News Road to Transformation

March, 2006. Formed the 2006 Congregational Transformation Core Group Planning Team. Norma Roberts, Director.

May/June/July, 2006. DHM Advocate Articles
Leadership Development
Organizational Structure
Shaping the Future of Congregational Life

August, 2006. Presenter CD’s mailed to all participants of the 2006 Event

August/September/October, 2006. DHM Advocate Articles
A Congregational Retreat Model for Congregations in Transformation
On the Road to Transformation

September 2006.  DHM Congregational Transformation Team Formed. Carl Zerweck, Convenor.

Congregational Transformation Timeline 2007-2008

November/December, 2006/January, 2007. DHM Advocate Article
Unwrapping the Gift of Transformation.

February/March/April, 2007. DHM Advocate Article
Is Your Congregation A Transforming Congregation?

March 2007.  Doug Pfeiffer named Director of  the 2006 Core Group Congregational Transformation Planning Team.

March 2007.  Introduced six congregational transformation resources:
Biblical Stages of Transformation
Developing Consensus on Congregational Transformation
Best Practices for Congregational Transformation
The Church Vitality Meter
Definition of Transformation
Assessment Tool for Church Boards

April 2007. DHM Transformation Team gathered information from regions regarding their transformation process.

May 2007.  DHM Transformation Team produced a Directory of Resources for Congregational Transformation.

July, 2007. Introduced The Journey DVD and the Bible Study on Congregational Transformation CD at General Assembly. Over 375 copies have been sent out since its introduction.

July, 2007.  General Assembly in 2007 included Transformation Tracks  with 300 in attendance, representing 150 congregations.

October,  2007.  Formed the 2008-2009 GPS Events Planning Team to implement the 2008-2009 Congregational Transformation GPS Events. One event, in Philadelphia, PA was cancelled due to lack of registrations. Doug Pfeiffer, Director.

Spring/Summer, 2008. DHM Advocate Articles
The Lazarus Church

August, 2008.  Congregational transformation resources translated into Spanish.

September 20, 2008.  GPS Transformation Event held in Fullerton, CA.

Fall, 2008. DHM Advocate Article
How One Congregation Began Its Journey into Transformation (Part One)

Congregational Transformation Timeline 2009

January 16-18, 2009.  GPS Transformation event held in Oklahoma City, OK

January 23-25, 2009.  GPS Transformation event held in Atlanta, GA.

March 6-7, 2009.  GPS Transformation event held in St. Joseph, MO.

Spring, 2009. DHM Advocate Article
How One Congregation Began Its Journey into Transformation (Part Two)

April, 2009.  DHM Transformation Timeline Produced

April, 2009. Congregational Transformation resources translated into Korean

April, 2009.  Asked for updates from regions on congregational transformation.

April, 2009.  General Congregational Transformation Team.  Doug Pfeiffer, Director

July, 2009. General Assembly included workshops on Congregational Transformation and an after session on Congregational Transformation. The after session included discussion groups on Benchmarks of Transformation and Networking in Transformation.

July, 2009. Transforming Congregations flier introduced at General Assembly

Summer/2009. DHM Advocate Article
Congregational Transformation Resources Now Available in Korean

August, 2009. General Congregational Transformation Logo created

September, 2009. Over 40 congregations are listed as a transforming congregation on DHM’s Website.

October, 2009. Produced What Does A Transforming Congregation Look Like

October, 2009. Produced Did You Know article on DHM’s involvement in transformation.

October, 2009. Produced Congregational Transformation Date Timeline

Congregational Transformation Timeline 2010-2011

January 22-23, 2010. GPS Event, Barton College, Wilson, NC.

March, 2010. Produced Benchmarks for Congregational Transformation

Spring 2010. DHM Advocate Ad
1,000 Transforming Congregations Moving Toward the 2020 Vision of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Fall, 2010. DHM Advocate Ad
Is your Congregation Transforming?

Spring, 2011. DHM Advocate Article and Ad
We are counting congregations! and Is your Congregation Transforming?

Summer, 2011. DHM Advocate Article
Transforming into a 21st century congregation

Fall, 2011. DHM website official list of Disciples of Christ congregations in Transformation.


Funding for the 2005 Summit and the 2006 Congregational Transformation event was an original combination of Disciples Home Missions Funds, an Oreon Scott Grant, Church Extension, and Global Ministries contributions. Funding for the 2007 DVD, CD, resources, 2007 Planning Team, and 2008 Planning Team that implemented the 2008-2009 GPS events came from Disciples Home Missions, Global Ministries, a special offering taken at General Assembly 2007, and an Oreon Scott Grant. The General Ministry Council also contributed $50,000 of which $10,000 was set aside for racial/ethnic participants.

A resolution was submitted at the 2007 General Assembly that said a regular funding stream would be established for Congregational Transformation. To date that has not been established.

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