Cookin’ for Mission

DSC03792Men Cookin’ for Mission – 200 Congregation Challenge

 Disciples Men have chosen as our mission focus for the next two years:  “Feeding Hungry Children.” Alleviating HUNGER is a mission in all areas of the country. There is no community that is unaffected by hunger. The consequences of malnutrition are severe. Several studies have shown that food insecurities affect cognitive development among young children reducing the ability to succeed in school in the fields of vocabulary, reading comprehension, math, science and general knowledge. This increases the chance of being a school dropout. Studies also show that with hunger comes more frequent sickness and emergency room visits and with that higher health care costs.

The mission for Disciples Men is to help feed hungry children both in the Local Community and in our four mission stations. What can you do?  Disciples Men is challenging 200 Disciples congregations from across the denomination to participate in “Men Cookin’ for Mission”. The steps for doing so are easy:

  1. Raise Funds. This can be done by “Cookin’” a meal and selling it to the Congregation or the Community. We encourage Disciples Men’s groups to do this with an eye toward evangelism. Some Disciples Men’s groups do this at county fairs. Do whatever makes sense for your group and your circumstances.
  1. Take one half the proceeds and give them to a local ministry of your choice that feeds hungry children. Many communities have “Backpack” ministries that help feed children who on school days would have free lunches in school but often go hungry over the weekend. This is the suggested local mission but any mission that helps feed hungry children is acceptable. Again, do not just donate the money. Find other ways to partner with this in their mission. It can become a way of  loving your community in the name of Christ.
  1. We ask that you send the other half of the money you raise to the Disciples Men “Cookin’ for Mission” to feed hungry children at our 4 mission centers:
    1. Yakama Christian Mission in White Swan, Washington
    2. Inman Christian Mission in San Antonio, Texas
    3. All Peoples Community Center in Los Angeles, CA
    4. Kentucky Appalachian Mission in Berea, KY
  1. Send articles and pictures from your event that Disciples Men can share online, on Facebook, and in “the Voice!”

Send them to Contributions should be sent to:

Men Cookin’ for Mission
c/o Kelly Harris
P.O. Box 1986
Indianapolis, IN 46206-1986

Look below to see your congregation added to our going list of 200 congregation for 2014.

Sending your donations:

Please join the following generous congregations and individuals in supporting Disciples Men Cookin’ for Mission!

2015 Donations

  • Mill Creek Christian Church, Bakersfield, CA
  • First Christian Church, Greenville, SC
  • First Christian Church, Cambridge, OH
  • Cypress Creek Christian Church, Spring, TX
  • 2015 Men’s Retreat of the Hispanic-Bilingual SE Convention of the Disciples of Christ Christian Church
  • Mr. Omar D. Morales Vazquez, Orlando, FL
  • First Christian Church, Beckley, WV
  • Rush Creek Christian Church, Arlington, TX
  • First Christian Church, Plano, TX
  • Laurel Hill Christian Church, Lebanon Church, VA
  • First Christian Church, Paulding, OH
  • Kenneth D. Davis, Ridgeway, VA
  • William B. Allen, Parkersburg, WV
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Elkins, Paris, KY
  • Charles Bentley, Sr., Beavercreek, OH
  • Allen M. Peyton, Olathe, KS
  • Dan Crawford, Bakersfield, CA
  • General Assembly golf outing proceeds, Columbus, OH
  • Information & Logistics Specialists, Inc., Guyton, GA
  • First Christian Church, Mansfield, OH
  • United Christian Church, Englewood, OH
  • First Christian Church, Paulding, OH

2016 Donations

  • Mill Creek Christian Church, Bakersfield, CA
  • First Christian Church, Cambridge, OH
  • First Christian Church, Mansfield, OH
  • First Christian Church, Christian Men’s Fellowship, Davenport, IA
  • Sessions 2016, Fort Worth, TX
  • Christian Church of Pacific Grove, Pacific Grove, CA
  • First Christian Church, West Palm Beach, FL
  • Christian Church of Pacific Grove, Pacific Grove, CA
  • First Christian Church, Mansfield, OH
  • Mill Creek Christian Church, Bakersfield, CA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Higginbotham, Houston, TX
  • First Christian Church, Paulding, OH

2017 Donations

  • First Christian Church, Huntsville, TX
  • First Christian Church, Christian Men’s Fellowship, Cambridge, OH

Please make your checks payable to Disciples Men Cookin’ for Mission.  Mail checks to Office of Disciples Men, PO Box 1986, Indianapolis, IN  46206-1986

Before the General Conference of Disciples Men put out the 200 congregation Challenge for Men Cookin’ for Mission, the West Virginia men set a goal of raising money for the hungry of West Virginia. Because they made this decision before the challenge and because it is in keeping with the General Conference of Disciples Men’s focus on hunger, we wanted to include them this year even though none of this money will go to our 4 mission stations.  Together with a gift from Week of Compassion these congregations raised over $17,450 for the hungry in West Virginia.

  • First Christian Church, Beckley
  • Memorial Christian Church, Bethany
  • First Christian Church, Bluefield
  • Big Run Christian Church, Cameron
  • First Christian Church, Cameron
  • United Disciples Christian Church, Charleston
  • Central Christian Church, Fairmont
  • First Christian Church, Grafton
  • Central Christian Church, Huntington
  • Vinson Memorial Christian Church, Huntington
  • First Christian Church, McMechen
  • First Christian Church, Morgantown
  • First Christian Church, Moundsville
  • First Christian Church, New Martinsville
  • First Christian Church, Parkersburg
  • First Christian Church, Ravenswood
  • Charles Street Christian Church, Shinnston
  • First Christian Church, Weirton
  • First Christian Church, Wheeling
  • Island Christian Church, Wheeling
  • PA Region, PA Region

Thank you West Virginia Disciples Men for a job well done!