The Blessing Box

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”
– Thessalonians 5:16-18

An Attitude of Gratitude

The Blessing Box was created in 1953 by the women who founded Christian Women’s Fellowship. Jessie Trout, who was CWF’s co-founder and first Executive Secretary, developed the idea as an over-and-above way to help fund the broader mission of the Church. The idea was to make a monetary deposit into the blessing box anytime one found themselves in a space of gratitude for something God had done for them or a loved one. Since then, Blessing Boxes have been kept in the homes and offices of women across the Church as a way for them to express their gratitude for everyday blessings by giving to others. In 2013, the Blessing Bag was introduced as part of this practice and was used interchangeably with the original box. For almost 70 years, the women of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) have been able to pay their attitude of gratitude forward for the blessings they have received. In this way, they perpetuate the spirit of blessing others while simultaneously acknowledging their blessings.


What are You Thankful For?

There are many things that women have to be thankful for. A sunny day, new life, a reconciling experience, unexpected grace, provision and sustainment in difficult moments, a welcome phone call, a beautiful snowfall, a flower in full bloom, and relief from pain, among many other things, cause one to give thanks to God. Nothing is too big or small to count as a moment of sacred thankfulness, which can be honored by simply making a deposit into a Blessing Box. It says, “Thank you, God, for what You have done.”, “…what You have kept me from.”, “…what You have provided.”, and “…what You have allowed me to experience.”.  

“God, I am grateful and pray that someone may also be blessed.”

For those who participate, contributing to the Blessing Box becomes more than a habit or financial obligation. Instead, it becomes a spiritual discipline that helps keep a focus on gratitude to God and the responsibility to share blessings with others. The amount deposited may be a few dimes, a couple of quarters, or spare dollars found in a coat pocket. The amount is not nearly as significant as the discipline of regularly remembering God’s goodness through the acts of dropping in coins and praying prayers of thanksgiving.


What Blessing Box Offerings Support

Disciples Women’s Ministries receives half of all Blessing box contributions from Disciples Mission Fund (DMF). With that, DWM can help support programming and operations that aim to help women live out their call via leadership development, spiritual formation/renewal, and advocacy.

Some of the areas that are supported by Blessing Box contributions include:

  • Leadership training for Regional and Constituency representatives
  • Just Women Bible Study and other study materials
  • Women’s participation with ecumenical entities such as Bread for the World, Church Women United, UCC/DOC partnership,
    Faith Trust Institute and USA World Day of Prayer
  • Participation and leadership by IDWM officers and Executive Staff at
    DWM functions around the country
  • Constituency groups in the development of women-specific ministry and leadership education
  • New Church Starts by developing women’s ministries
  • Development of resource materials and Disciples Women’s presence in social advocacy issues is concerned

This list is not exhaustive and represents just a few ways Disciples Women’s Ministries puts Blessing Boxes dollars to work.  

In addition to cultivating life-long habits of giving thanks and giving out of a spirit of thankfulness, the Blessing Box has generated millions of dollars in mission support. From 2000 to November 2017, Blessing Boxes contributed $3,505,214 toward the Church’s mission, with $993,730 supporting women’s ministries. Since 2007, 50 percent of the donations have gone directly to the ministries carried out by the women of our Church through the International Disciples Women’s Ministries. Your giving significantly impacts the Church’s mission at home and abroad.


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Contributions to Blessing Box can be made in two ways:

OGMP-Treasury Services
P.O. Box 1986
Indianapolis, IN 46206-1986