DWEF Award Recipients

Date Individual/Organization City/State Purpose Amount Awarded
March 2023 Rev. Dr. Debra Reid Memphis, TN Woman to woman delegation to East Asia. $3,334.00
Rev. Dr. Christal Williams Nashville, TN Woman to woman delegation to East Asia. $3,334.00
Tammie Sanders Princeton, KY Woman to woman delegation to East Asia. $3,334.00
Rev. Jennifer Long Buffalo, MO Woman to woman delegation to East Asia. $3,334.00
Claretta Witherspoon Greensboro, NC Woman to woman delegation to East Asia. $1,600.00
Rev. Soriliz Rodriguez-Cosme West Covina, CA Woman to woman delegation to East Asia. $3,334.00
Sara Paige Hall Sacramento, CA Woman to woman delegation to East Asia. $3,000.00
Rev. Mary Abigail Conley Lincoln, NE Woman to woman delegation to East Asia. $3,300.00
Mississippi CMC Greenville, MS Help fund Leader Apprentice Program. $4,000.00
Samoan Congregational CC of Kent Kent, WA Help fund annual women’s retreat. $1,000.00
October 2022 Anointed Temple of Praise Christian Church Memphis, TN 2023 Women’s Conference $4,500.00
Global Arts & Theology Experience Austin, TX The Beyonce Mass at the 2023 General Assembly. $5,000.00
Carolyn Mitchell Ministries, Inc. Goldsboro, NC 2023 Virituous Women Conference to empower Disciple Women. $1,500.00
Office of General Minister and President Indianapolis, IN Love is an Action Word: A Theological Reflection on Abortion $5,000.00
 Rev. Dr. Debra Reid Memphis, TN Developing a Contextual Model of Leadership for African American Women in the Christian Church of Tennessee. $5,000.00
March 2022 Canaan Christian Church Moncks Corner, SC Purchase pre-event materials and advertisement materials for conference. $2,500.00
University Place Christian Church Champaign, IL Offset retreat expenses including housing, event space, materials, speaker pay, and food. $4,190.00
October 2021 Galilee Christian Church Indianapolis, IN Women’s retreat Abraham’s Daughter’s to empower and encourage each other. $2,000.00
March 2021 FCC of Midwest City Midwest City, OK Provide personal hygiene supplies to families with minor children. $4,036.53
October 2020 The Blended Church Lancaster, CA Un-Silence a domestic violence training program for women to identify types of abuse. $5,000.00
March 2020 Veronica Fallah Kansas City, MO Event to help women in their spiritual walk. $4,000.00
Harvest Girls International Indianapolis, IN Workshop to help women love themselves. $1,000.00
FCC of Midwest City Midwest City, OK Provide personal hygiene supplies to families with minor children. $2,250.00
October 2019 Nereyda Yong San Anseimo, CA Attend San Francisco Theological Seminary $750.00
Tennessee DWM Cordova, TN Leadership apprentice (LAP) development program for DW women. $5,000.00
Green Chalice Lexington, KY Educate and empower women on climate change. $3,650.00
Chesla Nickelson Indianapolis, IN Attend Sabbatical Language Immersion $1,150.00
March 2019 Anna Felciano Geyserville, CA Woman to Woman Worldwide trip. $1,665.00
Mission Behind Bards & Beyond Louisville, KY Assist with reentry into community of incarcerated women. $4,500.00
Red Elephant Aids Awareness Prevention Indianapolis, IN Conference to better education African American women on AIDS/HIV. $5,000.00
Iglesia Nueva Vida Riverside, CA Women’s camp to equip women to better serve in ministry. $4,000.00
Linda Iodine Kent, OH Attend Ecumenical Advocacy Days. $1,000.00
October 2018 New Vision Christian Church Fort Worth, TX Help and encourage young ladies about spiritual growth. $5,000.00
STOP Retreat Biloxi, MS Offer women of faith safe place for physical and wellness. $5,000.00
March 2018 Southport Christian Church Indianapolis, IN Women’s retreat to spark new energy behind women’s ministry. $2,000.00
DWM in IL/WI Bloomington, IL Host LAP at Techny Towers Retreat Center. $2,000.00
DOM-Global Ministries Indianapolis, IN Benefit the mission work of missionaries in Ghana. $500.00
DW Wisdom of Women Indianapolis, IN Continue the series of video interviews with DW across the life of the church. $2,250.00
Marilyn Fiddmont Spring, TX Offer her services to assist commissioned women ministers in their homiletical style. $1,500.00
The Gathering Church Dallas, TX Convene a multi-racial inclusive Women’s preaching institute. $3,000.00
Yahayra Perez Indianapolis, IN WWW2W delegate going to Cuba $1,500.00
Loudon Avenue Christian Church Roanoke, VA Sisters’ night out ministry to communicate cancer prevention specifically breast cancer. $1,500.00
October 2017 First Christian Church Bloomington, IL Bloomington, IL Outreach ministries church program to help those in need. $2,000.00
Christian Theological Seminary Indianapolis, IN Address intersections of Holy and Erotic in the church. $3,000.00
Resource Development Team of Christian in GA Macon, GA Help meet the needs of congregations and clergy. $5,000.00
DW Piedmont District Convention Martinsville, VA Empower women to be strong leaders and encourage them to work in ministry. $5,000.00
March 2017 Beth Rupe Bloomington, IL Researching and writing an updated history of  DW. $1,500.00
New Century Fellowship CC Louisville, KY 2 day women’s conference to educate, empower and develop. $1,000.00
Agape Christian Church Columbia, SC Provide young women the opportunity to attend the 2017 General Assembly. $1,480.00
Canaan Christian Church Moncks Corner, SC To build and nurture leadership ability in young women to go to General Assembly. $1,350.00
Pamela Earl San Leandro, CA WWW2W delegate going to India. $3,000.00
 South Carolina DW Charleston, SC Build and nature the leadership ability in young women. $1,500.00
Kaeli Sweigard Alameda, CA Attend Ecumenical Advocacy Days conference as a volunteer and participant. $500.00
Mount Olive East CC Martinsville, VA Provide education opportunities for women. $3,000.00
Next Level School of Faith Downey, CA Courses for women to attend. $1,700.00
Disciples Women Indianapolis, IN Create mobile app for everyone interested in using it. $1,500.00
Disciples Women Indianapolis, IN Wisdom of Women for NAPAD. $1,000.00
October 2016 New Day Women’s Center La Mesa, CA Provide refugee women with discipleship and mentoring services.  $5,000.00
Second Christian Church Mayfield, KY Develop 20 women of KCMC to fulfill leadership roles in the local churches, community and beyond. $4,978.79
Beyond Sunday Morning  Hiram, OH Help women who have been traumatized and victimized by abuse. $3,000.00
March 2016 Sara Rudolph-Pollard North Little Rock, AR Woman to woman delegation to South Africa Ghana. $3,333.00
Mission Behind Bards & Beyond Louisville, KY Life skill training support classes for women who re-enter the community after incarceration. $5,000.00
Kathy McDowell Atlanta, GA Funds to help writer traveling to Flint, Michigan to cover story on water crisis. $500.00
Poplar Hill CC Cross, SC Build and nurture the leadership ability in young women. $3,450.00
Coral Cogbill Santa Rosa, CA Woman to woman delegation to South Africa Ghana. $1,667.00
Jessica Phillips Indianapolis, IN Woman to woman delegation to South Africa Ghana. $1,667.00
DOM Indianapolis, IN Women’s programs for WWW delegation to Middle East. $4,041.55
October 2015 Shanay Scott Northwest Washington, D.C. Woman to woman delegation to Israel Palestine. $1,350.00
Iglesia Cristiana  Overland Park, KS Women’s Ministry Event $2,650.00
Isaiah 58 Ministries St. Louis, MO Serve women in the community. $1,500.00
Light of the World CC Indianapolis, IN Retreat to help women strengthen relationships. $2,000.00
Quad City XPLOR House Davenport, IA Helping women unleash gifts and service. $4,100.00
March 2015 African American Clergy Women Summitt Atlanta, GA Women in the clergy. $3,300.00
NAPAD Seminarians Indianapolis, IN Women seminarians gathering. $654.20
Florida DW Orlando, FL Gathering of women to come together as one. $2,700.00
Mississippi CMC Greenville, MS Develop women to fulfill leadership roles. $4,989.84
NAPAD Women Advocacy Indianapolis, IN Provide powerful hands-on ministry/advocacy experience to women. $1,000.00
Kentucky CMC Paris, KY Gathering to bring women together to celebrate their love of the Lord. $2,940.00
October 2014 Casa de Oracion de Fullerton Fullerton, CA Provide a weekend retreat for women for spiritual growth. $4,000.00
IDWM Indianapolis, IN Provide scholarships to young women to attend Interregional training. $5,000.00
Arizona Convention Glibert, AZ Develop women to fulfill leadership roles. $4,925.00
DCEF Indianapolis, IN Women’s ministry at Real Faith CC in MS to reach out to the community with various programs. $5,000.00
Melanie Holtz  Austin, TX Travel on WWW trip and share experience at BBA Women’s retreat. $756.08
Holly Frye Roanoke, VA Scholarship for seminary education. $2,500.00
March 2014 Wanona Redd Martinsville, VA Woman to woman delegation to Italy, France and Greece. $1,430.00
IDWM Indianapolis, IN Support of NAPAD women’s ministry. $3,000.00
CC in Georgia Lilburn, GA Kathy McDowell to attend clergy seminar to bring back knowledge to the local church. $500.00
IDWM Indianapolis, IN Disciples women to create awareness to young women. $1,200.00
DW Pacific Southwest  Altadena, CA Retreat for young women. $3,400.00
DW Northern CA/NV San Ramon, CA WAW Interregional to get supplies and materials for event. $4,012.79
DW Pacific Southwest  Altadena, CA Leadership Apprentice Program for materials and supplies. $3,400.00
October 2013 Lisa Tunstall Ministries  Los Angeles, CA Funding for the Fourth Annual Broken, Mended and Made Whole Conference held 10/2012.  Deals with family violence, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse. $1,500.00
IDWM  Indianapolis, IN Summer 2014 co-sponsoring with DPI and Public Witness to travel to regional camps and conferences to share about Disciples Women. $3,000.00
IDWM  Indianapolis, IN Provide funds to examine the history that has been shared and capture in “In the Fullness of Time” book. $5,000.00
CC in Oregon Portland, OR To enhance growing projects in the sense of agency by women when working in the area of hunger relief and development capacity in food systems for those how are food insecure. $2,470.00
March 2013 CC in Kentucky  Lexington, KY Magdalene Program support funds. $500.00
CC in VA  Lynchburg, VA Update facilities at Craig Springs Camp and Conference grounds. $3,000.00
DWM   Indianapolis, IN WWW trip to Mexico $3,000.00
Tamika Montgomery  Indianapolis, IN Planning to attend various events for year 2013 through 2014 to enhance knowledge and skills $1,000.00
Light of the World CC  Indianapolis, IN Build a community garden. $1,500.00
Can You Hear Me Drama Team  Claremont, CA Outreach ministry for women to participate in. $3,000.00
World on Your Plate  Grand Island, NY Conference for people who are farmers, farm workers and consumers alike. $800.00
October 2012 QA 2014 Indianapolis, IN Scholarship support and Women’s Ministry working  up to the QA 2014 $4,900.00
IDWM Indianapolis, IN Provide scholarships to bring young women to Inter regional leadership training $5,000.00
CC in Oregon WC Portland, OR Build gardens for the community in parts of Oregon $1,500.00
Yarlynn Collado Orlando, FL Participation in WWW 2012 China journey, registration fee $700.00
Big Mama’s House Indianapolis, IN Residential Restorative Care Centers opening doors; used to secure a grant writer and deal with red tape of starting a new organization $3,350.00
March 2012 Wanda Elaine Burrus                  Funding for personal expenses for China Woman to Woman trip. $1,500.00
CRMR DW Board                       Reach out and touch all the women of the region by having one day traveling retreats. $4,000.00
Olive Branch Christian Church  Outreach ministries and faith development. $1,500.00
Fifth Christian Church                 Empower young ladies to become the women leaders of tomorrow. $4,000.00
Crossbridge Christian Church   Serve adults and children in Uganda, Africa through the National International. $1,500.00
October 2011 Lisa Tunstall Ministries                Fourth annual Broken, Mended and Made Whole Conference held 10/2012. Deals with family violence, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse. $5,000.00
Women’s Circle of the Christian Church in Oregon  Build gardens for homeless teens $3,200.00
Hispanic National Women Ministry  Aid in the development and growth of Hispanic women so that leadership skills can be an asset to region to serve. $5,000.00
New Song Community Church  Nurture women and connect them with resources that will benefit them in the future for outreach, mentoring, faith and leadership development for young women. $2,395.00
March 2011 NAPAD Women in PSW      To empower Asian American women Disciples to find their own God-given Christ affirmed purpose in women’s ministry. $5,000.00
Women’s Action Web Trip: San Diego  To open the eyes of young Disciples Women about mission work.  We will be taking these women to different mission locations in San Diego, CA. $3,000.00
NAPAD Ministries  Hiring of part-time staff person to support NAPAD Women Ministry. $5,000.00
IDWM  To provide scholarships to bring young women to Inter-Regional Leadership Training events to listen to them and support them in being leaders in the sharing of the Gospel in the world and  for the transformation of the church and women’s ministries. $5,000.00
Disciples Women of the Pacific Southwest Region  Begin the process of creating a place of safety and trust that serves the whole community. $5,000.00
NAPAD Women in PSW      To empower Asian American women Disciples to find their own God-given Christ affirmed purpose in women’s ministry. $5,000.00
October 2010 Piedmont District Convention Wanona Redd                 To offer the ladies of the Piedmont District Convention the leadership training necessary to strengthen the roles women hold in the Piedmont District Convention, as well as learn leadership skills necessary to better serve their local communities and beyond. $3,500.00
Minister Catharine A. Cummings                      Women Preach, Inc. programs are designed to give hands on training and feedback to women preachers or those women in the public speaking arena who want to effectively engage scripture in service to the Good News of God in Jesus Christ. $2,000.00
Katy Valentine  To defray costs of attending the W2WW Trip to Turkey. She will be sharing the trip by updating a blog, speaking engagements, keynoting and sharing with undergraduate students. $1,267.00
March 2010 Office of Disciples Women  To launch the Just Women communication and marketing plan to put ODW Ministries under one umbrella. $5,000.00
Jarvis Christian College Women-2-Women Ministry  To teach, disciple and nurture, young women with the Word of God with the intent of empowering them to lead other young women to God. $1,800.00
October 2009 Islgesia de Dios Pentecontes, KS  Provide spiritual development to educate women on how to strengthen and motivate their leadership skills. $2,000.00
IDWM  Develop a video women’s history file by interviewing key Disciples Women and creating 20 minute videos and study guides. $2,500.00
QA  Provide scholarships for women to attend Quadrennial Assembly. $5,000.00
Victory is Inevitable Ministries, No. Carolina                   Reach women who have not yet discovered their spiritual strengths, have not reached their full potential in life or local ministry. $3,000.00
March 2009 Regional Women’s Circle Christian Church in Oregon  Examine the issue of hunger in Oregon and learn about the DOC response to hunger. $2,500.00
Central Rocky Mtn. Region  Develop and conduct a year-year Let’s Talk and Visioning model for Disciples Women. $5,000.00
NAPAD  Hiring of part-time staff person to support Disciples Women. $5,000.00
October 2008 IDWM/ODW  Train IDWM Cabinet in the Art of Hosting social technology. $5,000.00
Iglesia Christiana Disciplus de Cristo  Support the 2009 Women’s Congress for Hispanic Women $3,000.00
Patricia Bluitt  Participate in the WWW event to Israel/Palestine as a representative of Convocation. $1,500.00
Pacific Southwest Region  Provide scholarships for younger and constituency women to attend the PSWR 2009 Women’s Convocation. $2,000.00
University Christian Church, Jyattsville, MA  Establish of a community child care center. $5,000.00
Western Oaks Christian Church, Oklahoma City, OK  Outreach program for single parent families. $3,000.00
March 2008 Cathy Myers Wirt C.C. in Oregon To allow 3 seminarians to attend a Disciples Seminarian Conference, money toward seminary tuition, Spiritual Direction sessions, scholarship to regional assembly, women’s retreat and leadership event. $2,850.00
CC in Michigan Women’s Ministries Pat Cast           To have a Women’s Leadership Event in June, 2008. $930.00
Disciples Women of Fresh Harvest CC (DOC) Evonne Chavis  Educating, training and edifying through worship, a retreat and ongoing outreach. $1,000.00
DHM-Office of family & Children’s Ministries, Children Worship & Wonder Kaye Edwards  To hire someone to conduct a survey, compile the findings, then prepare and present a final report on The Children Worship & Wonder Program. $2,150.00
Ch. Chr. In S.C. Gloria Gilliard  A. To host a National Leadership Conference. B. WWW Scholarship-Israel/Palestine. $2,000.00
Iglesia Cristiana (DOC) Emanuel Alicia Rodriguez  To educate women’s ministries on how to strengthen & develop their leadership skills so they can work with their communities and beyond through their home congregation. $4,000.00
Southwest Hispanic & Bilingual Women’s Ministry Naomi Rodriguez   To provide development, spiritually, support, education empowerment for women. $1,000.00
So Young Park  Participate in the WWW event to Israel/Palestine. $2,500.00
October 2007 Waleska Acevedo Hispanic Ministries Women’s President  Hispanic Leadership Training. To equip, enrich and empower women to serve the Body of Christ better, through Disciples Women’s Ministry. $5,000.00
IDWM  Provide support for a pilot project within the ROSES interregional area to provide women’s ministries staffing on a part-time basis. $5,000.00
IDWM  Launch a new women’s magazine. $5,000.00
IDWM  Bring one additional ethnic constituency in the SERF inter-regional area to attend the meeting of this group in 2008. $250.00
Tracy Siegman, Seminary Student  To attend the Partners in Peace: A Holy Land Peacemakers Tour.  A 12 day educational and spiritual travel opportunity to meet mission partners, witness human rights situation and learn about peace and politics in Israel. $750.00
Emily Rigsby Chandler  We hope to stimulate interest in quilting among younger generations of women, as well as to initiate communication between groups of women in different congregations who quilt.  We also hope to draw attention to quilting as a ritual of faith development and community building and introduce this craft to a new generation of women through national publications and presentations. $3,250.00
Johanna Lee Heil, Seminary Student  To attend the Partners in Peace: A Holy Land Peacemakers Tour.  A 12 day educational and spiritual travel opportunity to meet mission partners, witness human rights situation and learn about peace and politics in Israel. $1,000.00
March 2007 IDWM Bring women of NAPAD, the Convencion, Assembly Churches and Convention Churches to an Interregional Event in 2007. $1,000.00
Rev. Olivia Bryan/ Leah Dewey WAW – College Edition – To provide an avenue for young Disciple women to find a connection to the larger church community and to find ways to bring who whey are “to the table”. $5,000.00
East Second St. C.C. (ESSCC) Lexington, KY To engage women in discovering the power of prayer through intentional mentoring. $500.00
October 2006 International Disciples Women’s Ministries Women of the IDWM Cabinet, the Haitian Community, the Hispanic Assembly, the Convocation and NAPAD to attend the IDWM Cabinet Meeting in Greensboro, NC, January 2007. $5,000.00
Mission Cristiana Favo de Luz Lorain, OH To hold 3 women’s retreats in the areas of Kansas City, Indianapolis and Ohio.  Offer workshops to enable them in all area of ministry. $3,000.00
North American Pacific Asian Disciples (NAPAD) Luncheon for women at the NAPAD Event- August 2006. $2,500.00
Office of Disciples Women – International Disciples Women’s Ministries To allow the 2006 Class of the Leader Apprentice Program (LAP) to attend the IDWM Cabinet Meeting in Jan. 2007. $5,000.00
March 2006 Christian Church Central Rocky Mountain Region – Women’s Ministries To support scholarships for 20 women to attend the Women’s Action Web 4. $5,000.00
Disciples Women of the Pacific Southwest Region Pilot Regional Leadership Apprentice Program (LAP). $3,700.00
October 2005 Destiny Worship Center C.C. WINGS Ministry (Women in God’s Service To provide various forms of community service in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area through outreach, support groups, & education to marginalized and disempowered women. $1,440.00
Yakama Christia Mission To provide scholarship assistance to the women at the Yakama Christian Mission to attend a 3 week immersion course to promote leader development, enhance program development and extend outreach. $4,395.00
Children’s Welcome Conference St. Andrews CC Olathe, KS To provide scholarships for young women to deepen their skills for mentoring children. $515.00
Mix in ’06 Women’s Event To provide scholarships for 14 women to attend the Mix in ’06 Event. $4,900.00
Office of Disciples Women To provide program support and resource development for women of NAPAD, Hispanic, Haitian and New Church Starts. $5,000.00
March 2005 Young Sook Kim Disciples Seminary Foundation To be trained as a professional trainer for NAPAD in the Children’s Worship and Wonder Program. $1,000.00
Leader Apprentice Program (LAP) To allow ODW to continue the leader development program historically known as the Enabler Program. $5,000.00
Office of Disciples Women To provide funding to offer a stipend to individuals who assist in language translation of selected curriculum and resource materials for use by Disciples Women of the Hispanic and NAPAD communities. $4,500.00
October 2004 ICWF Hire a person for Stewardship Promotion (Susan Gonzales Dewey) $5,000.00
March 2004 2004 Children Welcome Conference Leadership Training – Bring to the conference, Eth-Noh-Tec, an Asian American Storytelling movement theater.  Scholarship Support-Provide scholarships to African American, Hispanic and Asian congregations. $500.00
National Hispanic & Bilingual CWF To develop leadership skills & help our Hispanic women get in contact with our office and leadership resources.  Assist in forming new relationships & opening new channels of communication between current leaders & potential new leaders from the Hispanic Conventions. $2,500.00
NAPAD Women To help women lay leaders, clergy and seminarians from Asian/Pacific Disciples churches attend NAPAD Convocation in July, 2004 in Chicago. $2,500.00
October 2003 Kentucky Region Fund spiritual facilitator for 5 mini-workshops at Spring retreat. $1,500.00
Church House of Ministries CC (S.C. (new church in April ’03) Life enrichment classes for underserved women in community (12 classes). $2,500.00
 West Virginia Region Week long Regional WAW $2,000.00
Michigan Region Scholarship 5 women to attend Regional WAW $1,000.00
06 QA/Women’s Event Grant writing/fund development training program $3,000.00
March 2003 Twataizya Christian Academy in Zambia The objectives are: 1-To meet the educational needs of some 300 children–including underprivileged (orphans and street kids)–regardless of religious affiliation, race or color-both academically and spiritually; and 2-To train students to be good leaders in whatever field they choose. $5,000.00
October 2002 Elizabeth’s Daughters-Women’s Mentoring Ministries To provide the connection between young Christian girls and women and the mature, experienced leaders who can lead, encourage and inspire them to grow into their full potential. $5,000.00
Women In a New Day (WIND) To develop models for ministry and leadership development with women in new congregations. $3,500.00
March 2002 Women’s Action Web ICWF To provide a North American learning and training event related to the ICWF social action emphasis.  WAW II is scheduled for November 2-9, 2002, in Southern California. $4,895.00
NAPAD To provide financial support for eight Asian women to attend the 2002 Convocation of NAPAD $3,080.00
Disciples Seminary Foundation To support women of limited income to participate in the Certificate of Ministry Studies (CMS).  CMS is designed for those who desire to be licensed ministers, and better equipped for a variety of leadership roles in the congregation. $2,500.00
October 2001 CWF Cabinet of the Christian Church in Illinois-Wisconsin To instruct and nurture women to verbalize/write and share the stories of their faith journeys with others. $5,000.00
Tennessee Christian Women’s Fellowship To offer a 24 hour retreat for women across the region to come together for leadership training and faith development. $1,500.00
North American Pacific/Asian Disciples (NAPAD) To defray the deficit of the Comfort Women art display at the General Synod/Assembly in July 2001. $1,841.61
WEF Distribution Committee To provide one (1) $350.00 grant to each region for a woman to attend the 2002 Quadrennial Assembly. $12,250.00
March 2001 Christian Church In Kentucky Ministries With Women To develop models for ministry with women in new congregations $5,000.00
National Hispanic Bilingual CWF Leadership Event To develop leadership skills and provide the knowledge/information that will enable women in the Hispanic community to fulfill their responsibilities with increased effectiveness. $5,000.00
Women’s Action Web Pacific Southwest To empower volunteers in congregations to assess their community and connect with current programs. $5,000.00
October 2000 Young Sook Kim To return to Korea–after a 15 year absence–to take three courses in the Korean cultural context.  This is to complete the M. Div. Program. $2,000.00
Women’s Action Web Arizona To enable one woman from each congregation to participate in the Women’s Action Web on the Arizona/Mexican border. $2,100.00
North American Pacific/Asian Disciples (NAPAD) To educate the denomination and society about the plight of “Comfort Women” of Asia who suffered and continue to suffer from the horror of military sexual slavery imposed upon them by the Japanese military during WWII. $7,900.00
March 2000 Montana CWF  To allow Bettie Duhon to share her Woman-To-Woman experience to Cuba and the Women’s Action Web trip to Kentucky, with the women in Montana $460.00
Ohio CWF  To initiate a process of visioning for the Ohio CWF Commission, Districts and congregations which request the visioning process. $3,000.00
Disciples Care for Children  Learning to…”Welcome Every Child in the Name of Jesus”  An all church conference called for by General Assembly Resolution #9930. $5,000.00
North American Pacific/Asian Disciples (NAPAD)  To nurture the NAPAD women’s faith community and connect NAPAD women to Disciples. $3,000.00
Women’s Action Web ICWF To secure scholarships for women of limited income to participate in pilot program. $3,970.00
Enabler Ministry Program To develop a corps of trained leaders among the ethnic constituencies in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). $6,500.00
March 1998 1998 Quadrennial Assembly For Women (1998) To pay for the supplies to make communion cups to be given to women at the 1998 Quadrennial Assembly $247.85