Disciples Women’s Leadership Council

Disciples Women’s Leadership Council (DWLC) was redefined in 2014 to better reflect what was previously Church Women Staff Fellowship and/or Cabinet. DWLC is made up of regional leadership representatives and constituency leadership representatives who coordinate Disciples Women’s ministry and programs in all of the regions.

Purposefellowship, professional development, enrichment and support of the members, to be an advisory and communication channel and to share in advocacy for women.

Upcoming Meetings

  • 2020 – January 23 to 26 DWLC  Meeting


Resources – Presentations:

PowerPoint software required to run these presentations. If you don’t have PowerPoint, it is possible to view the individual slides after downloading. Some of these presentations are extremely graphic-laden and will take a long time to download. None are more than 10MB in size.

Resources – Printed:




Resources – YouTube:

Disciples Women YouTube channel

Disciples Women Giving video