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March 9-10, 2024, SERF Interregional

August 26-28, 2022, Heartland Interregional at Tall Oaks

October 2019  W2WW Journey to Morocco

9/13-15/2019 ROSES Interregional Gathering

1/24-27/2019 DWLC

October 2018  W2WW Journey to Cuba

6/22-24/2018  Heartland Interregional Gathering

4/27-28/2018 Kentucky Disciples Women Conference

4/6-8/2018 WWOW Interregional Gathering

4/5-9/2018 “Being Partners for God’s Justice” conference, Kupang, Indonesia

3/17/2018 Zionsville CC Disciples Women

2/3/2018 Ordination Service of Siobhan Lopez

1/25-28/2018 DWLC

11/11-12/2017  Florida Disciples Women Retreat

10/7-21/2017 W2WW Journey to India

9/22-24/2017  Georgia Disciples Women Retreat

9/15-17/2017  Mississippi Disciples Women Retreat

8/11-13/2017  IDWM Executive Committee Meeting

8/10/2017  North Carolina Women’s Conference

7/12/2017  Disciples Women Luncheon at General Assembly – Honor Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins

7/10/2017  Disciples Women Aftersession at General Assembly

7/8-12/2017  General Assembly Indianapolis

6/23-25/2017  Michigan Disciples Women Retreat

5/27/2017  Ordination of Lori Tapia, Member of IDWM Executive Committee

4/29/2017  Convención Women’s Banquet – Irvine, CA

4/24/2017  Disciples Women Report to Christian Church Foundation Board – Human Trafficking

3/10-11/2017  Greater Kansas City Disciples Women Retreat

2/10/2017  Executive Committee Meeting for planning and worshipful work

2/3/2017    Caribbean Initiative Meeting – preparing for upcoming Global Ministries initiatives and scheduled of W2WW 2018

1/30/2017 Editorial Board of Just Women meeting to plan issue topics and Bible studies for next two years

1/26/2017    Disciples Women’s Leadership Council meeting for networking and training

1/18/2017   New page to read about grants awarded for new and creative Disciples Women’s projects

1/11/2017     New page to read about women and ministries for whom DWEF funds are named

DWEF – Named Funds

12/16/2016   Disciples Women staff celebrate with a Christmas luncheon.

#DWConnect Summer 2020

Greetings Sisters, Have Faith! Nothing makes a new day more beautiful and promising than having the right heart, the right spirit, the right mind and…