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October 2019  W2WW Journey to Morocco

9/13-15/2019 ROSES Interregional Gathering

1/24-27/2019 DWLC

October 2018  W2WW Journey to Cuba

6/22-24/2018  Heartland Interregional Gathering

God calls us, speaking our names, inviting us to join the dance of creation.

God connects us, awakening the deep truth that we are partners with God and one another.

God charges us, sending us into the world to live the truth and dance the dance of transformation and reconciliation.  

On June 22 – 24, 2018, the women of the Heartland Interregional, Indiana, Illinois/ Wisconsin, Kansas, Kansas City, Upper Midwest, Mid-America, and Nebraska regions are invited to Culver Stockton College, in Canton, MO to explore and celebrate how we are Called, Connected and Charged for Christ

Mission opportunities will be offered on Friday, June 22 beginning at noon for all who wish to participate. Women will volunteer at one of three locations including: The Butterfly Garden, Canton Senior Housing and the Canton Park District.  Blessing Box offering and a special offering for special projects of International Disciples Women Ministries will be received.

 Worship experiences will include Friday evening with Reverend Dr. Dietra Wise-Baker, Program Coordinator for Advocacy and Activism, National Benevolent Association and Penuel Dance from Powership Worship Center in Raytown Kansas, Saturday evening with Reverend Teresa Hord Owens, General Minister and President Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)  and Sunday morning with Reverend Lori Tapia, National Pastor Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Obra Hispana and commissioning of women participating in Woman to Woman Global trip to Cuba.

Study opportunities will include Saturday morning Bible study with the Reverend Dr. Marti Steussy, #dwconnect with Reverend Dr. Pat Donahoo, Executive Director International Disciples Ministries Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and Reverend Chesla Nickelson, Program Director and Merger Staff International Disciples Women Ministries Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and a variety of afternoon workshops including storytelling, liturgical dance, Woman to Woman Global trip to India. Opportunities to connect will take place throughout the event with dedicated times each evening in the Hospitality Suite.

Cost for the event including meals is $130 for double occupancy in a dorm style room and a $150 for a single occupancy. Accessible rooms are available upon request.  Registration forms can be found at https://kansasdisciples.org/dw-heartland-interregional-conf. Or go to kansasdisciples.org to register online or print a form as needed.

4/27-28/2018 Kentucky Disciples Women Conference

4/6-8/2018 WWOW Interregional Gathering

4/5-9/2018 “Being Partners for God’s Justice” conference, Kupang, Indonesia

3/17/2018 Zionsville CC Disciples Women

2/3/2018 Ordination Service of Siobhan Lopez

1/25-28/2018 DWLC

11/11-12/2017  Florida Disciples Women Retreat

10/7-21/2017 W2WW Journey to India

9/22-24/2017  Georgia Disciples Women Retreat

9/15-17/2017  Mississippi Disciples Women Retreat

8/11-13/2017  IDWM Executive Committee Meeting

8/10/2017  North Carolina Women’s Conference

7/12/2017  Disciples Women Luncheon at General Assembly – Honor Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins

7/10/2017  Disciples Women Aftersession at General Assembly

7/8-12/2017  General Assembly – Indianapolis

Disciples Women Connected as One: Disciples Women offered mission and service opportunities in the exhibit hall at GA2017. Women of the US and Canada were invited to contribute items to ‘blessing bag’ health kits for immigrants and refugees locally and working with Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries.  290 completed health kits have been shipped to Texas with an additional 2 moving boxes of large size products to deliver locally. As always the response from Disciples Women when invited into mission opportunities was outstanding. Additionally, ‘blessing blankets’ were provided for the children being served by these ministries. Some of these quilts provided the opportunity to “tie a knot and say a prayer” to complete.

Visitors were invited to write a prayer on ribbons to ‘break the chains’ that were then tied into chain links. These prayers were to combat human trafficking and to break the chains of fear for vulnerable immigrant families.

Disciples Women, and a few men, gathered as one on Monday evening after worship for an ice cream aftersession. Laughing, singing, and a little dancing were part of the celebration of being together. Hundreds of pictures were taken at the photo booth with groups gathering by regions, events, missions, and learning opportunities. This reunion time, sponsored by regional women’s ministries, provided the chance for women to reconnect.

514 women attended the Disciples Women’s luncheon on Wednesday to celebrate women in leadership  including historical leaders like Rev. Lori Tapia, the first woman national Hispanic pastor; Rev Terri Hord-Owens, the first African American GMP; and a special celebration of Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins, the first woman GMP and leader of a mainline denomination. The Herstory tree that is the symbol of the interconnectedness of women was introduced as a reminder that we are joined as one across time, geography, and situation and together we make each other stronger. Nancy Cordova-Molina shared songs about immigrants and human trafficking. Sharon’s ministry was celebrated with a special thanksgiving for her twelve years as GMP. Sharon shared her thoughts on her ministry and women in leadership.  Together, Disciples Women in the United States and Canada honored Sharon with love and appreciation.

The volunteers who support DWM make it all possible…special thanks to all who shared of themselves.

6/23-25/2017  Michigan Disciples Women Retreat

5/27/2017  Ordination of Lori Tapia, Member of IDWM Executive Committee

4/29/2017  Convención Women’s Banquet – Irvine, CA

4/24/2017  Disciples Women Report to Christian Church Foundation Board – Human Trafficking

3/10-11/2017  Greater Kansas City Disciples Women Retreat

2/10/2017  Executive Committee Meeting for planning and worshipful work

2/3/2017    Caribbean Initiative Meeting – preparing for upcoming Global Ministries initiatives and scheduled of W2WW 2018

1/30/2017 Editorial Board of Just Women meeting to plan issue topics and Bible studies for next two years

1/26/2017    Disciples Women’s Leadership Council meeting for networking and training

1/18/2017   New page to read about grants awarded for new and creative Disciples Women’s projects

1/11/2017     New page to read about women and ministries for whom DWEF funds are named

DWEF – Named Funds

12/16/2016   Disciples Women staff celebrate with a Christmas luncheon.

#DWConnect Summer 2020

Greetings Sisters, Have Faith! Nothing makes a new day more beautiful and promising than having the right heart, the right spirit, the right mind and…