Breaking the Chains: Link By Link – Sex Trafficking

DW-HT-STThe first link of the chain deals with sex trafficking, our focus is on women, men, boys and especially our young  girls as young as 9 years of age who are being targeted by traffickers every day.


  • One option is to donate. One such choice is to Operation Underground Railroad. They are U.S. based, but travel the world to expose the sex traffickers and rescue the children. Their site has information on how to donate and stories of past rescues.
  • Do you think that trafficking is in another place and another time? Think again. This program is available for any city that is hosting a large event. It was successfully implemented in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl XLVI in 2012. It is also successful in smaller venues that have known trafficking.
    • Meet Theresa from Detroit, Michigan.
    • Learn about the S.O.A.P. project.
    • Make a difference.
  • Human Trafficking USA: was created to bring awareness to the crimes of sex trafficking and child abuse in the U.S.A. They strive to keep up-to-date statistical information. They list by state agencies that can use your help.
  • Anti-Trafficking Rehabilitation Centre is supported by donations via Global Ministries. The Centre is run by the Church of North India, the main Protestant denomination in northern India. The Centre is located in the Eastern Himalaya region; one of the most vulnerable in terms of trafficking of girls, boys, and women. The focus is on prevention, rescue, and social re-integration. More information and donation instructions are found at the above link.