Breaking the Chains: Link By Link – Demand

DW-HT-DemandBreaking the Link of Demand. The work of cutting off demand for human trafficking is complex and requires a range of partners working together around a shared rejection of products and services obtained by force, fraud, or coercion.   Social media and technology are being used to provide information about companies though there is still a need to explore new methods of raising awareness about the nature and proximity of human trafficking.  With greater understanding of the crime, and a clear tool or means to make a difference, consumers and businesses alike will be more likely to take steps to diminish the demand for forced labor.

No one action, event, or internet site is the root cause of human trafficking,  The root causes that allow trafficking to flourish are:

  1. A culture that accepts treating people, especially women and children, as objects that can be bought and sold
  2. Poverty, lack of access to education and health care, and desperation which maintain a pool of vulnerable victims
  3. The ready market for cheap labor and cheap goods

Education is a key factor in reducing ignorance on this issue and the ability of predators to meet their demands.  When people are aware they are better able to avoid getting trapped.

Websites providing information

Celebration Without Exploitation

A Toolkit for Planning Trafficking-Free Sporting (and Other) Events is available from Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) Human Trafficking Group.

Truckers Against Trafficking

Educates, equips, empowers and mobilizes members of the trucking and travel plaza industry to combat domestic sex trafficking. You can ‘like’ them on Facebook and receive updated information on your Facebook page.

Mercy Investment Services

MIS actively works with corporations to improve their policies and identify human trafficking victims within their industries.  The resources provided are intended to help you, whether you are a consumer or hotel staff member, take an active role in ending this global tragedy.

Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution (S.O.A.P.)

SOAP is an outreach that distributes thousands of bars of soap with the National Human Trafficking Hotline number and key identifying questions FREE to local motels.

I’m Not Buying It

This is a national campaign to raise awareness about the trafficking of children.

Shared Hope International

This international organization’s mission is to eradicate sex trafficking. They have a program calledThe Defenders for men take a pledge against trafficking.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)

NCMEC has developed Netsmartz, a program that creates interactive, educational safety resources for children ages five to seventeen.

End Child Prostitution and Trafficking 

This website promotes the Code of Conduct which urges hospitality industry organizations to endorse it, and to train employees to recognize and safely report possible incidents of human trafficking.

Videos providing information

“Buyers Beware: Mobilizing to End Demand” by Shared Hope on Vimeo.

“The Next Generation of Manhood” by A Call to Men on YouTube

Advocate in your local communities

  • Actively encourage and support with your patronage and events local hotels who subscribe to The Code. The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism is an industry-driven initiative with the mission to provide awareness, tools and support to the tourism industry to prevent the sexual exploitation of children.
  • Seizing automobiles of those who solicit prostitutes
  • Suspending drivers licenses of those who solicit prostitutes
  • Using surveillance cameras in anti-prostitution efforts
  • “John School” education or treatment programs

Be a savvy consumer

Go to your phone’s app store and download smart phone apps to see if forced labor has been used for your product. They include:

  • Slavery Footprint
  • Made in a Free World
  • Free2Work

Find fair trade and slavery-free products on the Fair for All Shopping Guide. This includes some online options as well as brick & mortar for central Indiana area. Does your state have similar stores? We could post their information also.