Disciples Women’s Ministries is a conduit for diverse connections


Empowering each woman to find her voice and live out her call.  Micah 6:8

Who are the voting members of the IDWM cabinet?

Others who are invited

  • Conventions and Fellowhsip Group representatives;
  • Haitian Women;
  • United Church of Christ representative
  • Leader Apprentice Program Ministry Team;
  • Church Finance Council representative.

Why are we here?

Cabinet members came together biennially (This meeting was suspended in 2010 due to financial considerations) to:

  • Select themes and areas for general programs and group study;
  • Further prepare themes and areas of study to be developed by the Women’s Resources Committee (WRC) for the Just Women study program;
  • Participate in working groups as designed by the IDWM Executive Committee (i.e. General Assembly activities, educational groups, social action/justice issue groups);
  • Select a Socal Action Emphasis;
  • Receive information for the next year’s study material;
  • Receive reports from the Disciples Women’s staff;
  • Fellowship, worship and share ideas.

Did you know …?

  • In 1953, the ICWF (U.S. and Canada) was founded and in 1982 the ICWF Cabinet was formed. In 2006 the ICWF became known as the IDWM;
  • The IDWM Cabinet sponsors the Quadrennial Assembly for Women;
  • The work of IDWM is financed through the budgets of the ODW and the IDWM;
  • The IDWM is a channel for relating women of the U.S. & Canada to the World Christian Women’s Fellowship;
  • The Office of Disciples Women is a ministry of Disciples Home Missions;