Just Women 2015 is the current Disciples Women’s Ministries endorsed study material. 2015 is the seventh year of publication. It is offered via subscription: online or by calling (317) 635-3100 or by completing subscription form and sending, with your check to:
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2015 Theme ~ Women finding their voices


Finding our Voices through Storytelling

Learn about narrative therapy ~ the re-writing of our story with an alternate future. Read stories of women facing change and women challenging the church to change. This issue concludes the stories from the 2014 Woman-to-Woman Worldwide Program experience in France and Italy. (A four-session study guide is available.)


Finding our Voices

Reading this issue of Just Women, we hope you are able to find your voice and help others to find and live out their authentic voices as well. This issue also continues the stories from the 2014 Woman-to-Woman Worldwide Program experience in France and Italy. (A four-session study guide is available  as a free download.)


“Women of the New Testament: Finding their Voices”

This is a self-contained study offering eight structured lessons with an introduction that may serve as a ninth lesson. Leaders instructions are included in the publication. This issue has sold-out. Please take advantage of the advance order opportunity for the 2016 Bible study to insure availability of your extra copies. Check the online store in December.

2015 marks the second year that the Bible study will be written by Disciples women under the Just Womenbanner. The 2014 issue sold-out. The writers and their lesson titles are:

  • Rev. Marilyn F. Williams ~ introduction;
  • Rev. Dr. Cathy Myers Wirt ~ “Anna in the Temple”, “The Bent Over Woman”, and “The Women at the Tomb”;
  • Rev. Dr. Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder ~ “Mary, the Mother of Jesus”, “The Canaanite Woman”, and “The Mother of James and John”; 
  • Rev. Daphne Gascot Arias ~ “The Woman at the Well” and “The anointing of Jesus at Bethany”; and
  • Rev. Kathy McDowell ~ lesson guide


Celebrating Family

Scripture references: John 1:18 & 19 / Luke 8:20 / Matthew 12:47 / Mark 3   You are invited to join us in celebrating all varieties of families ~ given families and chosen families, with children and without children, multiracial families and variations of blended families, and more. This issue begins the stories from the 2014 Woman-to-Woman Worldwide Program journey to France and Italy. (A study guide is available as a free download.)


 Just Women magazine has gone digital!

Joomag.com is the host site for our magazine. Since we have sold-out of the regular print issue of the 2015Just Women Bible study, it will be the first e-version offering. Click Here to get started. On this page you will be able to view select sample pages by using the navigational arrows in the dark green menu bar at the top. In the top menu bar you will also see an “i”. Click it, to view the information page where there is a “purchase” button. You may also buy the full version, by clicking on the “Full Version” button near the bottom of the above link The Bible study alone is available for $6.99. A subscription is available for $18.99

Print subscriptions are still available via the established order process.

Additional Study Material

Service project information for group or individual participation is available. There is a project available for every Woman-to-Woman Worldwide journey presented in Just Women magazine.

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