The Leader Apprentice Program (formerly known as Enabler Ministry), established by the Office of Disciples Women in 1996 as a leadership development program for African-American Disciples women, is now aimed at equipping all Disciples women of color to serve in their home congregations and in regional and general arenas of church life.

The Leader Apprentice Program is designed to:

  • Encourage and strengthen participants through Bible study and spiritual disciplines.LeaderApprentice
  • Provide cross-cultural leadership and training opportunities to enhance talents, develop new skills and affirm gifts and graces for ministry.
  • Teach history and current information on the ministries of Disciple Women.
  • Create opportunities for participants to become actively involved in resource development and networking events of Disciples Women.
  • Provide history and education on the structures and history of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and all of its ethnic and racial constituency groups, with special emphasis on Disciples Women.


Leader Apprentice Program Brochure
Programa de Aprendices de Lideres

Tools for Leadership Guide

The program can be used on the national level or on the regional level.