Stewardship has different definitions and emphasis among various people and situations. This page will deal with Stewardship as it applies to the world of Disciples Women’s Ministries.


“Supporting Disciples Women’s Ministries” was introduced at Quadrennial Assembly 2014. Written by Executive Director Rev Dr. Patricia Donahoo this information shares the funding of the various roles, programs, and activities that comprise Disciples Women’s Ministries and its expanded role in Church leadership.

Supporting Disciples Women’s Ministries: Did you know ~ Updated August 2014

Disciples Women’s Ministries “How To Give” Video is now available. Designated options of human trafficking or Just Women. No designation will benefit the general fund.

Donation InformationDW-2015-Stewardship-3
  • Donations for Disciples Women’s Ministries designated to DW General Fund, Just Women, or human trafficking social action project can be made online.
  • Donations for Disciples Women’s Endowment Fund are made through Christian Church Foundation.
  • Donations for Blessing Box are made through Disciples Mission Fund.
  • Donations for Woman-to-Woman Worldwide are made through the WWW-Registration Fee product.
Blast from the Past

General Programs have touched on Stewardship in its many forms. This is the General Program from 2013 called “Stewardship: These Blessings Count”.

Called, Gifted and Sent was a publication from the Office of Disciples Women before the days of Just Women.  Its purpose was to keep Disciples Women informed and connected. Each issue had a section on Stewardship. It included a Blessing Box dedication, information on how the Blessing Box and Women’s Endowment Fund grants are used, and stories of how Blessing Boxes make a personal difference. The years change but the purpose and heart remain steadfast. These are the 2008 stewardship articles.