HerStory Continues Fund

An opportunity to leave a legacy gift to Disciples Women’s Ministries to help ensure the perpetuity of this Organization’s work.

The work of many women have been celebrated across the decades as Disciples Women’s Ministries forged the way for impactful women’s ministry.  The legacy upon which we stand is one of fortitude, faith, and foresight.  We are thankful for those who came before us to lay the foundation that we continue to build on today.  We wish to keep this legacy alive and ensure the perpetuity of this ministry through our present works and future endeavors. 

One of the ways this happens is through the HerStory Continues Fund (HCF). This fund is an opportunity to be part of this ministry as it continues to train, empower, and resource women of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) into the future through legacy giving.

Making a legacy gift to Disciples Women’s Ministries simply means making Disciples Women’s Ministries the beneficiary of all or part of one of your retirement accounts or life insurance policies. There is no cost to change it and your plan administrator or an insurance representative can make the change to your beneficiary by using a designation form. All named funds are recognized in a variety of ways, including but not limited to appearing on the Disciples Women website.  

All gifts to this fund are invested with the Christian Church Foundation in the Bostick Select Fund. The interest will be used to continue the ministry of women of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). If you wish to have a named fund within HCF, you may do so in a few ways:

  • Contribute a gift of at least $1,000 now
  • Pledge to name Disciples Women’s Ministries in your will or trust
  • Both contribute now and pledge a future gift

Contributions to HCF can be remitted either online or via mail.  

  • Click here for ONLINE HerStory Contributions
    • Choose “HerStory Continues Fund” from the dropdown box and designate the named fund if the gift is $1,000 or more in the notes section.
  • Mail checks, money orders, or cashier’s checks (do not mail cash) with pledge form to Disciples Women’s Ministries, P.O. Box 1986, Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-1986 
    • Payments should be made payable to Disciples Women’s Ministries and note in the memo line “HerStory Fund” or “HCF”. 

If you prefer to be recognized as a group or give anonymously, just make a note on the pledge card or notes section of the online giving page of your preference. If you prefer to make a gift without a named fund, you will not need a pledge card or need to input data in the notes section of the online giving platform.

Download a Pledge Form Here.

Download a copy of the HerStory Continues Fund Brochure Here.

You can print a PDF file of the HerStory information for copying Here.


Questions can be emailed to discipleswomen@dhm.disciples.org