Woman-to-Woman Worldwide 2015 – Middle East

On Tuesday, September 29, 2015, the Woman-to-Woman Worldwide delegation landed in Beirut, Lebanon. The journey has begun.DW-WWW-2015-RabbitWarrenAlleyway

Thursday, October 1, 2015, “All of a sudden we took a sharp left off of the street down a narrow alleyway. We were in Shatilla camp. Sylvia and a woman from the school led us through a rabbit warren of alleyways that turned left then right; sometimes getting so narrow that only one person at a time could walk. Above us were electrical lines that string from one building to another and then up several floors. Sometimes the electrical lines were so thick you could hardly see the sky. When there was space between the buildings, people hung their wash even though there was hardly a breath of a breeze to dry them. Walking through the alleys with little light, I could not see the raised cement or the holes and wondered about the water and wetness. Sometimes there was a stench.” Sue Delap, Tuscon, Arizona.

Thus began the miraculous journey that lasted until the return flight home on Friday, October 9.

Ways to participate in this study opportunity – 

Study Material:

Just Women magazine for 2016 has three issues published in Winter, Summer, and Fall with additional information in each issue. The Winter issue begins the story with blog entries for the first four days in Lebanon and Jordan. All issues include more stories and  beautiful pictures of the group and some of the wonderful women they met.


  • Invite one of the participants to visit your group and tell of her journey.
  • Give your own presentation to your group or for your own education. These are free downloads coming soon.
  •       PowerPoint, (This was created in PowerPoint 2010.)
  •       Script

Service Projects:

For more information about the individual projects:

The Middle East Council of Churches Orthodox Initiative featured two programs visited by the group: Mrs. Sylvia Haddad’s literacy program for adult women in Lebanon and programs assisting the refugees in Jordan.

Rawdat El Zuhur (Arabic for “Garden of Flowers”) is a primary school for Palestinian children, both Christian and Muslim, in East Jerusalem.

Keep Hope Alive! Olive Tree Campaign is another special project the group is supporting. Each participant agreed to cover the cost of at least one tree and to encourage their families and/or churches to do the same.

Learn more about the Middle East and the Middle East Initiative on the Global Ministries web site.