Woman-to-Woman Worldwide (W2WW) is one of the premier programs of Disciples Women’s Ministries. It is a yearly journey of discovery undertaken by 12 to 14 women to a foreign land.

Woman-to-Woman Worldwide in Cuba

In October 2018, a group of Disciples Women from different parts of the United States traveled to Cuba to walk in solidarity, affirm the unity of the church in Jesus Christ, and join the common struggle for justice and peace with Global Ministries’ partners on the island. This ecumenical experience encouraged participants to see the world through new eyes and to bring that perspective back to their congregations and communities. To continue reading, please click on the link below.

Woman-to-Woman Worldwide – Cuba Reflections

Woman-to-Woman Worldwide in Cuba – Special Projects information can be found here

Woman-to-Woman Worldwide – Cuba Special Projects

The following women participated in the Woman-to-Woman Worldwide Cuba journey.  Please feel free to contact any of the women below for more information and/or to hear about how the W2WW Cuba trip changed/enhanced their lives.

Sage Appleby, Kileen, Texas, Email: sage@ccctexas.org

Abby Catoe, East Bend, NC, Email: Atagirl17@gmail.com

Miriam Gentle, Washington, DC, Email: Miriam.gentle@gmail.com

Linda Hull, Jacksonville, FL, Email: rhulljax@bellsouth.net

Yahayra Perez, Indianapolis, IN, Email: izka26@hotmail.com

Motiryo Samuel, Schenectady, NY, Email: motiryo15@gmail.com

Kandice Williams, Danville, KY, Email: kjwilliams17@yahoo.com

Rachel Scott Woodall, Richmond, VA, Email: rachelatbpcc@gmail.com

Wende Bristow Barrett, IDWM Staff, Des Moines, IA, Email: jwbarrett@q.com

Kelsey Cameron, Indianapolis, IN, Email: Kcameron@dom.disciples.org

Cheryl Cloar, IDWM Staff, Windes, GA, Email: cmcloar@gmail.com

Lorna Hernandez, Global Ministries/Leader, lhernandez@dom.disciples.org

Chesla Nickleson, Disciples Women Staff/Leader, cnickleson@dhm.disciples.org

Angel Rivera, Global Ministries Staff / Leader, arivera@dom.disciples.org