hand logoWoman-to-Woman Worldwide (W2WW) is one of the premier programs of Disciples Women’s Ministries. It is a yearly journey of discovery undertaken by 12 to 14 women to a foreign land.

If you are interested in applying, here are a few things you should know before you apply:
  • You have to read and be able to meet the Candidate Guidelines. There are no exceptions. These guidelines were created to insure a group of participants who are ready to face the daily opportunities and challenges of this journey.
  • You can start looking at ways to raise funds to cover the registration fee, your domestic transportation and your personal endeavors to stimulate the local economies of the places you visit. You are responsible for getting to the orientation site and back home. Once you are at the orientation site, all group meals, housing, and transportation are covered by the registration fee.
In addition to activities to prepare you for the journey, there are activities that need your attention after the journey.
  •  Your name and email will be posted on our website so women in your region can contact you to give a presentation to their group. One of the most successful participants sent a letter to each church in her region indicating her willingness to give a presentation. Not only did she educate the people in her region about the country of study, but she was able to raise tens of thousands of dollars for the service project and directly help the women she had meet during her travels.
  • At the end of the year of presentations, you will provide a report listing the number of presentations given, their location, and number in attendance. Other items of interest or your learnings can also be shared here.
  • Pictures will also be needed. They are used for the articles, for the PowerPoint presentation, the web page, and other promotional opportunities.
  • Each year’s participants will write a letter to the next year’s participants. This is a way to share the wisdom you gather so the next year’s group will be that much wiser at the beginning of the journey.
  • As a participant in this program you have a unique perspective to write a General Program on mission or a special topic that touched you during the journey to be used by groups around the denomination.