While on the Woman-to-Woman Worldwide Journey to India, the Disciples Women delegation had the opportunity to visit Global Ministries partners in Durgapur, Malda, Kolkata, and Delhi. The work already being done there is amazing and life-giving and the women of the delegation wanted to make sure that it continues and expands.

Those who were in the delegation have been sharing their stories and experiences far and wide. We are inviting support for a couple of ongoing healthy projects in Durgapur and Delhi. One of the smaller projects that was particularly inspiring was the group of women in Delhi who bought ten sewing machines with the plan of training 10 women to sew to make a living for them and their families. They began their project but discovered they did not have the funds to continue. They learned from this first attempt that to be a sustainable business they would need to have enough funds to pay the ten women for three months while they were learning to sew, then for an additional three months while they got their business up and running and sustainable. They already have a market for their work. Before they can begin again they wanted to make sure they had enough to pay the women throughout the first six months to ensure their success.

When we learned that the amount needed was $6,000 we knew that Disciples Women would enthusiastically support this dream. Many women and groups of women and gatherings of women have contributed to this project. We have exceeded our goal and will be sending these funds through Global Minis-tries for our sisters in India.

We are grateful to all who have supported this project and invite you to celebrate with us and continue to pray for these women and their children whose futures will be positively affected by this training and opportunity. If you would like to read about or contribute to the ongoing projects in India you can follow this link:


This is what God is doing in women’s ministries.

Pat Donahoo, Executive Director

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Maybe for generations? How about the perfect gift for someone special?
You can give a gift that can change the lives of women and their children.

Disciples Women from the  2017 Woman-to-Woman Worldwide journey to India  delegation had the opportunity to visit Global Ministries partners in Durgapur, Malda, Kolkata, and Delhi. There are many stories to be told and a lot of information to share. If you are interested in a visit from one of the members of the delegation you can find the list on the Disciples Women W2WW page. These women are looking forward to sharing their stories and experience with you. You will also hear about the project they have chosen to support for the coming year.

We also took on a short term project to fund a group of women in Delhi who wanted to start a training program for 7-10 women to learn how to sew garments to provide them with income and stability. The project provides income for 3 months of training and 3 months to begin their business with a plan that will make them self-sustaining after that 6 months. Thank you for your generous gifts to support this ministry. Our goal of $6,000 has been exceeded! Thank you for participating in this ministry to support these women in changing their lives.

We will continue to work on the other chosen programs and invite you to support them as well. If you would like to make a donation you can do so here: Global Ministries

The 2017 Woman-to-Woman Worldwide journey was to India.

The participants for this journey were:
Pat Donahoo, Executive Director of Disciples Women, E-Mail: pdonahoo@dhm.disciples.org
Lorna Hernandez, Leader for W2WW India and Coordinator, People-to-People Pilgrimage Program, Global Ministries, E-Mail: Lhernandez@dom.disciples.org
Marilyn Williams, IDWM Executive Committee, E-Mail: mfwms7@gmail.com
Pamela (Renae) Earl, Northern, California-Nevada, E-Mail: nae2nae@att.net
Ann Bradshaw, Virginia, E-Mail: abradshaw456@gmail.com
Amy Lynn Driver, North Carolina, E-Mail: aldriver73@gmail.com
Mary Cooley, NM, E-Mail: mary.cooley@comcast.net