It is a monumental task to capture and post the history of all the women who have played a part in establishing, nurturing, promoting, and leading what we have come to know and love as Disciples Women’s Ministries. The following list contains the stories, as told thus far in the pages of Just Women, of women who have impacted the perception of Disciples women across the breadth of the church. They served in their local church, or in the general office, or in the mission field. No matter where they served, they improved the lives of those around them and raised awareness of the strength and wisdom of women.

More will be added as the articles become available.

Click the following links to read their story.Billye_Bridges_290w

Billye Bridges – Summer 2012 – “Remembering the life of Billye P Bridges” by Sheila P. Spencer

Caroline Pearre – Winter 2009 – “Yes, I Will!” by Deborah Phelps

Fran Craddock – Summer 2011 – “Blazing a trail for women” by Deborah Phelps (in English and Spanish)

Itoko Maeda – Winter 2012 – “Tiny woman, big mission” by Sherri Wood Emmons (in English and Spanish)

Janice Newborn – Fall 2010 – “Newborn’s legacy lives on through Woman-to-Woman Program” by Tanya J. Tyler (in English and Spanish)DW-JW-JoAnn Kagiwada

JoAnn Kagiwada – Fall 2012 – “The matriarch of NAPAD, Joanne Kagiwada reflects on her work in the church” by Tanya J Tyler (in English and Spanish)

Kathy Jefferies – Summer 2014 – “Using Psalm 121 as our framework, we discovered that, indee, Kathy A Jefferies was a kept woman – kept by the love, grace, mercy, and peace of God.” by Judy D. Cummings (in English and Korean)

Luz Bacerra – Summer 2010 – “Lighting the way for women and all Disciples” by Rebecca Bowman Woods (in English and Korean)

Rosa Page Welch – Summer 2009 – “I have a calling” by Deborah PhelpsDW-JW-Sandra Gourdet

Sandra Gourdet – Fall 2014 – “Sandra Gourdet’s Journey of Faith” by Lori Adams. Learn more about “struggling with people means learning to know them. . .”

Sybel Thomas  – Fall 2011 – “A true leader and enabler” by Julia Brown Karimu (in English and Spanish)

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