Evangelism is the preaching or sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ.

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Which evangelism tool is right for your congregation?

The evangelism resources that you find on this Web site are tools for your use. Each has the potential to be used well to accomplish the work of sharing the gospel. However, not every situation requires the same tool.

We use different tools for different jobs in our work and our hobbies, and the same is true for our congregations. Your congregation has unique opportunities and skills, which means that you will not use exactly the same resources as another church.

No one tool or resource will fit every congregation. The challenge with evangelism tools is to choose them well to match the needs and culture or environment of each church. It is the job of church leaders, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to assess which resources will work most effectively in their congregation.

So, one size does not fit everyone. Furthermore, tools that worked well at one point may need to be replaced to meet today’s need. Times change, and programs and ministries have a shelf life. Needs also change, and wise leaders are sensitive to listening for the rhythms in the lives of their congregations to see if new approaches are necessary.

Just as important as the fit of the specific programs and resources selected, is the motivation behind their use. Thus, we need to discern our own answers to these questions:

  • Why do we do evangelism?
  • Why do we share our faith?
  • Why do invite people to church?
  • Why do we give to mission?

Many people share their faith out of deep conviction. Some evangelize in order to be faithful to the command of Jesus Christ, which tells us to go and make disciples. Others share the gospel in response to a God of love and grace, to reflect their love for people, their love of God and of Christ’s Church. For some, it is a matter of eternal significance. They are motivated by concern for another’s eternal judgment or salvation; for their spiritual welfare.

You are unique as a congregation. Use the tools that best fit your ministry. But remember that you share a common call with brothers and sisters in Christ: to invite others to experience the promise and the hope that God has provided to all through Jesus Christ. May you and your congregation be motivated by the good news at work in you, as you use these tools to honor God through the sharing of Jesus Christ with others.

For more evangelism resources and weekly lectionary reflections, visit our partners at https://www.evangelismconnections.com/ Evangelism Connections is an ecumenical partnership of mainline denominations, including the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

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