Leadership Initiative Team (LIT) is now Ministry Support Team

The Ministry Support Team (MST) is here for you!

You have known us for the last few years as the Leadership Initiative Team (LIT) but as we have been looking at our “new normal” we have revisited our purpose and call.  We now have a new name, and it better reflects the design of our ministry and what we desire to offer to you.  The new name is Ministry Support Team (MST).  We will continue to be your support, especially during this challenging and transitional time.  Our objectives remain the same.  We want to be an entity willing to listen to your needs, concerns, and challenges.  One goal is to be an outlet where you feel you can be honest and open as you look to address your ministry challenges and seek ways for positive change.  We are still here to help.

The Ministry Support Team feels that it is most important to listen to God’s Holy Spirit as we consider ways, we can truly be followers of Jesus Christ.  And finally, we want to be an encourager and supporter as you design, and sometimes redefine your ministry.  We want to help you identify resources that will serve you well in your specific ministry framework.  This is where the Ministry Support Team can be a great benefit.  You do not have to feel there is no support, as you seek to live out your call within your ministry.  If you would like to connect with the Ministry Support team, send your request and contact information to DHM attention Ministry Support Team at kwatts@dhm.disciples.org.

The Ministry Support Team (MST) designs ministry from the ground up. We listen to you, the active leaders who are engaged in the ministries, of the Regions, Districts, Fellowship communities, and Congregations among other recognized bodies. We listen with intention,  to hear how and where God is moving in your ministry context. We listen to hear your needs and help identify what helpful resources may be needed to help your ministries be more successful.  We also listen so that we may be open to receive God’s Spirit in response to prayer, dialogue and the expectations of your  ministry context. We use the collective resources, connections, skills and mutual wisdom of MST in accompaniment with “you” to design contextual ministry resources. These resources may either be the “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) type such  as especially designed curricula, and targeted resource tools that are facilitated by you, or be a collaboration where you incorporate the gifts of a facilitator, drawing from a member, or members of DHM’s MST “Speakers Bureau.”

We are invested, optimistic, and enthusiastic about the Disciples Home Missions (DHM) Leadership Initiative.  It is a commitment to living into “accompaniment leadership” as a focal point. The plan is simple, yet profound.  We have convened a network of diverse persons who excel, and have passion within certain areas of leadership. We gather those in Christ’s service, who are “lit” (excel and have passion) around evangelism, women, men, youth, young adults, clergy, technology, social justice, etc.  DHM seeks to build relationships among networks through dialogue, as we work toward developing mutual understandings of each member’s passion for ministry.  DHM and the Ministry Support Team (MST), will work to engage communities collectively, in the service of the church as followers of Jesus Christ, supporting positive Leadership growth within the church and as we share our services in the larger communities… even unto the ends of the earth.

The goal of MST is to provide support, resources and speakers to compliment the training and development of Disciples leaders throughout the recognized organizations of the church: Regions, Districts, Fellowships and/or congregations among other bodies!

The objectives of MST are to:

  • Listen to leaders of recognized ministries
  • Listen in community with connected partners for mutual understanding regarding your ministry context
  • Listen to God’s Spirit in initiating and/or responding to God’s activity in your ministry context
  • Design resources fit for a specific ministry context
  • Share our collective resources for leader development

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