Ministry Support Team (MST)

changed from Leadership Initiative Team (LIT)

The Ministry Support Team is here to support you and the ministries and services that you provide. The Ministry Support Team feels it is most important to listen to the Holy Spirit as we consider ways, we can truly be disciples… followers of Jesus Christ. We want to be an encourager and supporter as you design, sometimes redefine, and identify resources that will serve you well in your specific ministry framework. This is where the Ministry Support Team can be a great benefit. You do not have to feel there is no support, as you, your congregation or committee strive to live out your call within your ministry.

It is for this reason that the Ministry Support Team’s primary focus at this time will be to offer resources and support that will help train and encourage the laity of the church. In doing so, we will also be helping to lighten the load of pastors, while nurturing current and future leadership within congregations, regions and even within the general church. Laity who are serving as followers of Jesus Christ are the church’s foundational supports.

Within the work of the church, it is important to retain focus on each person’s “Christian ministry” lens, or to acknowledge ones “spiritual call.”  It is the hope of the MST to encourage that those lay persons and others providing ministries within the church find the joy in their service as followers of Jesus Christ and will not perceive their efforts as just “the chores” of running the church.

Most currently, we have found through our survey, conversations with regional and local pastors, staff, and parishioners, that there is a critical need for laity support and training within the church. Responses were received in the survey asking to better understand the design of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Others expressed concern regarding their own personal spiritual journey. We have also heard concern of the legal implications and liabilities of the church board members, elders and other officers serving in these capacities. The MST is here to help.

Overall, the MST remains the same. We want to be an entity willing to listen to your needs, concerns, and challenges. One goal is to be an outlet where you feel you can be honest and open as you look to address your ministry challenges and seek to find ways for positive change.

If your ministry is struggling to find your “new normal,” while juggling the existing day-to-day events, know that the Ministry Support Team may be able to direct you to helpful resources, offer suggestions and other encouraging solutions based on your specific needs. The Ministry Support Team is here to listen to your concerns, support and encourage your ministry. We are here to help fill in the gaps where support feels missing.

The team is here to encourage and work with you to live out the ministries and service you were called to as disciples… followers of Jesus Christ.  If you would like to connect with the Ministry Support Team, send your request and contact information to DHM attention Ministry Support Team at