Racial & Ethnic Ministries

Central Pastoral Office for Hispanic Ministries

The Central Pastoral Office for Hispanic Ministries helps facilitate, enable, promote, undergird and coordinate the work of Hispanic Ministries for the general church.

Lori Tapia, National Pastor
(317) 713-2583

National Convocation

National Convocation is a ministry within the structure of the Disciples to support and strengthen African American congregations’ partnership in the total mission of the church. The primary focus of the Convocation is vital congregational life.

Timothy M. James, Assoc. General Minister & Administrative Secretary of the National Convocation
(317) 713-2406

R. Wayne Calhoun, Sr., DHM Merger Staff
(317) 713-2650

North American Pacific/Asian Disciples

North American Pacific/Asian Disciples (NAPAD) ministries serve the growing American Asian and Pacific Islands’ church. NAPAD affirms cultures and heritages of Asian and Pacific Islands peoples within the historic and living Christian faith. As part of the Disciples, NAPAD joins with other Disciples in the total mission of the church and recognizes and promotes the gifts and presence of North American Pacific/Asian Disciples in the life and work of the Church.

Chung Seong Kim, Interim Executive Pastor
(317) 713-2685