The Young Adult Commission represents Disciples young adults in congregations, regions, and the whole church in building effective communication networks, providing advocacy opportunities, and enabling young adults to lead our church.

Commission Members!

Jessica Braxton
Grifton, North Carolina
Phone:  (252) 525-2518

Alex Cooper
Cleburne, Texas
Phone:  (817) 240-9687

Jacqueline Curtice
Daytona Beach, Florida
Phone:  (386) 265-8420

Fiyori Kidane
Fishers, Indiana
Phone:  (317) 514-5992

Michael McCluskey
Fort Worth, Texas
Phone:  (404) 312-1797

Sarah Pergram
Lexington, Kentucky
Phone:  (859) 420-0584

Clarissa Shepherd
Brookport, Illinois
Phone:  (618) 638-5170

Clayton Summers
Schaumburg, Illinois
Phone:  (618) 262-3065

Kathryn Summers
Eureka, Illinois
Phone:  (618) 240-5217

Abigail Westcott
Fishers, Indiana
Phone:  (317) 385-5434

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