Critical DACA Hearing Today, Pray, Learn & Act!

July 6, 2022

Offer a Prayer Now for DACA Recipients–as Crucial Hearings are TODAY in the 5th District Court of Appeals in New Orleans!

Today’s “Texas v. US”
DACA Case Hearing in New Orleans looks at:
*Standing: Has Texas shown a concrete injury from DACA?
*Legality: Did the Obama administration have the legal authority to establish DACA through executive discretion?
*Implementation: Did the Obama administration follow the appropriate procedure necessary to create DACA?
More than 600,000+ immigrants in our congregations and communities are currently protected and working with DACA. An additional 80,000 have tried to apply, but had their applications halted while court cases–like today’s–keep DACA recipients living in uncertainty.
For background on the importance of this case, and how DACA arrived to this point, see this Backgrounder, and listen to this Briefing. Every decision about DACA continues to impact beloved Disciples community members.
Review again these testimonies from Tania Diaz and Valeria Bejar, who have contributed leadership to our congregations, and sought lasting protections, for many years.
No permanent solution will be available until Congress passes long-sought legislation to legalize DACA eligible neighbors.
Call your legislators through the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at: (202) 224-3121 to remind them of the need to pass legislation for DACA recipients ASAP
No Final Decision will be made at today’s hearing. However, the 5th District Court could potentially:
  • Rule DACA is legal
  • Rule Texas & other states cannot show injury from DACA, so cannot sue
  • Rule that Judge Hanen’s decision was premature, and order a full trial
Please offer your prayers & actions, and consider tuning in at 6:30 pm ET for this IG LIVE reflection on today’s hearing by Informed Immigrant!
Contact our Refugee & Immigration Ministries office for more ideas or information, at: or 202-957-7826.
Contribute online at: & choosing “Refugee & Immigration Ministries” in the dropdown menu—or by mailing your donation check to “Refugee & Immigration Ministries/DHM” to: RIM, c/o Disciples Home Missions, Attn.: Kathy Watts, P.O. Box 1986, Indianapolis, IN. 46206
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