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Disciples Women extended the hospitality of the table to ALL sisters.

Thanks to those who joined us.

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Quadrennial Assembly is a Disciples Women’s Event which lifts up women from around the world through fellowship, worship, service, and education. It is sponsored by International Disciples Women’s Ministries ~ Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).


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Highlight Videos

GNTV Media Ministry is once again the provider of video highlights from Quadrennial Assembly. Please visit their online store to purchase your favorite session(s). From their web site: These products contain the audio and video recordings of the presentation made by the individual listed in the title. Please note that most music and videos played during sessions will NOT be included for copyright law compliance. This resource is available in exchange for your donation to cover the costs of making the resource and providing it to you.

Paper order forms are also available:


Pictures from various sources are available for viewing on Flickr/QA2014.

Message from youthSparks, Inc.

I hope each of you (and everyone who traveled to Atlanta) made it back to your locations safely! I just wanted to tell you all thank you again for choosing youthSpark as the beneficiary for the Quadrennial event. The energy at the park was contagious and it personally provided me with fuel for my soul!

Again, we are so grateful for the donation and for the new supporters! We hope to stay connected with each of you.  Can you reply to this message and give us an address to send a special thank you?

We will keep you all posted on federal legislative information that you can send to everyone in your group if they want to engage in action items! It’s usually a call/fax/write letter of support type of situation and we’d provide the language. We will also include you all on our mailing list so that you all will be notified with all of our cool prevention resources and tools are released. We want to help keep folks engaged!

Peace & Blessings, Jennifer Swain | Program Director | youthSpark, Inc.


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