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VBS Curriculum

FCM-K2KLogo[1]The best VBS (Vacation Bible School) are ones that use a learning center model and that are flexible. The following list of VBS materials are free downloads. All of them are directly related to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). All of the “Journey” VBS programs relate to Kids to Kids because they are opportunities for children to learn about and contribute to Global mission projects that serve children.

We are happy to include VBS materials that your congregation has developed and would like to share with others. Please send to Jessica Kramer.

Tips for Choosing VBS Curriculum in 2015


 Kids to Kids: Journey to Columbia (click here to download full curriculum)


 Kids to Kids: Journey to Congo (click here to download full curriculum)


 Kids to Kids: Journey to Congo (high res)


 Kids to Kids: Journey to India (click here to download full curriculum)


Bethany Village Live! (click here to download full curriculum)


Bethany Village Live! Music


From Global Ministries: God’s Love is Everywhere


Products new on the VBS market in 2014:

  • Lifeway and others have “spy” themed material. It is focused on themes of salvation and “apologetics,” to prove that Christ is the only true way to God.
  • Group has a buffet of fun themes that range from blasting off into space to a wilderness adventure. The space theme is designed for weekends, the animal theme is a general VBS program, and the Wilderness theme includes an “old world marketplace” component, common in recent Group products.
  • Augsburg offers ReNew, a “green” VBS program.
  • Abingdon offers two pieces each year. One lifts up the African-American voice. This year, “Praise Break” offers this alternative while “Workshop of Wonders” is their broad focus material.
  • Mennomedia offers “Welcome.” It reflects Mennonite principles of hospitality and peace making.