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Our Mission Statement

Having deepened our understanding of systemic racism, Christ compels us to advocate for justice, fairness and equality within Disciples Home Missions.

…a movement for Wholeness

Recognizing that the body of Christ is made up of members from every tongue, hue and culture, we welcome you to our journey toward wholeness at God’s abundant table. As one of the four mission priorities of our Church, Reconciliation Ministry welcomes you to our intentional effort to become a Pro-Reconciling/Anti-Racist church – a church where the gifts of all of God’s children are honored and shared.

A Pastoral Letter and Call to Action:  Journey to Ferguson

Reflections from the General Minister and President, Rev. Dr. Sharon E. Watkins.

02/25/15 – Lent 2015

In the six months following the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed African American teenager, by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, many of us have struggled to understand what we see on television, in newspapers, and through social media and the internet. Not reported or highlighted, is the involvement of churches and communities of faith in meeting the challenges associated with these events. In this time of grief, frustration, and even hope, a number of Disciples congregations in St. Louis and beyond have been faithfully engaging in shared mission, conversations and community fellowship opportunities in response to these events. Read More

Articles of Interest

Excerpts from “Young, Black Males: America’s Most Wanted” by Wendy Kellam

Outside of the Box
Wake Up Everybody
It’s Just Something About That Black

“My Country Tis of Thee” – (from Creative Writings by W.E.B. Du Bois, KrausThomson Organization Limited, 1985) – Of course you have faced the dilemma: it is announced, they all smirk and rise. If they are ultra, they remove their hats and look ecstatic; then they look at you. What shall you do? Noblesse oblige; you cannot be boorish, or ungracious; and too, after all it is your country and you do love its ideals if not all of its realities. Now, then, I have thought of a way out: Arise, gracefully remove your hat, and tilt your head. Then sing as follows, powerfully and with deep unction. They’ll hardly note the little changes and their feelings and your conscience will thus be saved: My country ’tis of thee,

“Sins of Omission” – How many knew about the black pilot who crashed his plane in Shanksville, PA Sept 11, 2011. Maybe not his name or history, but just knew that the pilot was an educated black man who was married and a father. This short bio will bring us all up to date who should know and care.

“When Does Wearing a Hoodie Make me a Hoodlum?” – Questions like this are being raised across the country as the nation is reeling and reacting to the tragic murder of another young African American male. Rev. Dr. Timothy James speaks about the murder of Trayvon Martin.

DHM’s Pro Reconciliation/Anti Racism Team

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