“Heal Not Harm Asylum Event” 7/18, 4pm ET

July 18, 2022

Heal Not Harm Asylum Event Today at 4pm ET

Our faith calls upon us to heal and alleviate suffering, not to harm the vulnerable. Yet, the pandemic is still being used as justification for refusing, detaining, and expelling asylum-seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border, months after most COVID-19 public health restrictions in the U.S. have been lifted.
Under the CDC’s Title 42 program, almost all asylum-seeking families and individuals are being denied their human and legal right to seek safety–and Black migrants, including Haitians and other Black Caribbeans, along with Africans, have been disproportionately harmed.
The CDC has already acted to revoke Title 42 because it is not contributing to public health, but one judge has kept it in place through a legal battle. Now, anti-immigrant political leaders want to ensure Title 42 continues  to restrict asylum at the border, and are pushing amendments on Title 42 through Congress.
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All our voices are needed to call, hold vigils, and express our support to protect migrants forced by violence and climate conditions to leave their homelands to seek legal protection through asylum in the United States.
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