Help Needed in Eureka, MO

September 26, 2016

The following appeal comes from our partners at the Missouri Interfaith Disaster Response Organization. If you are able to respond, use the contact information at the end of the message – and please, let Disciples Volunteering know that you’ve connected:

As the pumpkins ripen, turkeys replace the swimming pools and school supplies in Wal-Mart and yes, even Christmas trees in Cracker Barrel, with each day that passes we are one day closer to the first frost.  Did you know that the average first autumn frost is around October 15th
As we think about gearing up for the next several festive holidays let us not forget, we still have 10 families in Eureka that are living in conditions that are not safe or healthy.  Their homes were devastated in the Christmas flood of 2015.  We need the help of anyone who can lend a hand in Eureka even for a day or two.  Any help will be appreciated!  We need painters, sheet-rockers and anyone who can do light carpenter and trim work.  The first frost may be only 20 days away.  We have families and veterans living in houses with no inside walls or insulation.  We have homes with holes in the roofs and some with poor or no working utilities.  Yes, this is right here, in Missouri.  [30 miles from downtown St. Louis.]
Please feel free to pass this request for help on to your organization leaders, neighbors, family and friends.  This would be an excellent opportunity for scouts to earn Christian Service Hours.  This would be the perfect time for high school and college students, clubs and civic organizations to pitch in for a very needy cause so close to home. 
If you can’t help due to  other commitments, please pass this on to someone who might.  And as always, prayers are very much appreciated.
To help or for more information, please call Dan Steska at 573-441-1770 or Jen at 314-884-0083.  You may also email Dan at or Jen at
Thank you  in advance for your thoughtful consideration of this request and have a blessed week.