Mission Travel Suspended Due to Coronavirus
While First Christian Church, El Reno, remains active in local recovery efforts, mission groups are not currently being scheduled for travel. This page will be updated when mission travel resumes.

In May 2019, excessive flooding caused devastation in rural Canadian County near El Reno, Oklahoma. Many households sustained damage and some people (including fellow Disciples) were forced to be rescued from the flood waters by first responders. Within a week, a tornado struck El Reno and surrounding areas. There were two fatalities, several homes and businesses were lost, and damage was again sustained by many in Canadian County.

The Canadian County Long-Term Recovery Committee (CCLTRC) is receiving requests for assistance–in the form of resources, volunteer labor, or both–to complete their recovery. As part of this effort and as an extension of the Gospel, First Chrisitan Church, El Reno has been present for the CCLTRC and an active participant. Thanks to the generosity of Disciples across the United States and Canada through Disciples Volunteering and the Week of Compassion, we have the infrastructure to be a Mission Station. If you would like to join us in service as we recover from floods and winds, we would be most honored.

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