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God created the earth and deemed it good (Gen. 2:4b-9) and in Christ all things in heaven and on earth were created and are held together (Col. 1:15-20). As followers of Christ, we are called to love our neighbors as ourselves and care for God’s creation. We share a common responsibility for the stewardship of God’s good earth, as a matter of justice, so that it can sustain all species, peoples, and future generations.

Today, Disciples of Christ are called to bring our leadership to the moral challenge of climate change. Damage to our climate puts the health of our children and elderly at risk, hurts the poorest among us the most, and harms God’s creation.


We don’t all agree on the causes of climate change but we can all work together to help create healthy and safe communities for our families, leave a thriving world for future generations, and protect God’s creation.

The Resolution Concerning Carbon Neutrality was passed at the 2017 General Assembly. Download the resolution here.


As part of our work and witness for climate solutions, we partner Blessed Tomorrow, a comprehensive program to help churches and congregations address climate change by providing guidance and tools to act.

Green Chalice has partnered with Blessed Tomorrow to provide a toolkit “Faith in Action: A Church Toolkit for Creation Care” to support your creation care leadership. Disciples churches received this in the mail. You may also download the kit by clicking the “Toolkit” button to the right.

Why our faith leads us to act on climate

We answer God’s call for justice for women and children…and we must provide our families and children a safe, healthy planet to thrive on.

We answer God’s call for justice…and the burden of pollution and climate change falls unfairly on those who cause it less but suffer more.

We answer God’s call for human rights…and clean energy will promote equity, healthy communities, and a more just economy.

We answer God’s call to care for the earth…and addressing climate change provides clean air and water, and a thriving natural world for all God’s creatures.

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Our faith provides leadership: we will make climate and creation care a core mission through the expression of worship.

Build a climate literate clergy: we will incorporate climate and creation care in all our gatherings and teachings.

Engage all our congregations and communities: we will share our learning and best practices broadly and regularly with our congregations.

We will work with other faith traditions and society to advance climate solutions.

Putting Justice Into Action

Reduce Your Impact: Reduce your use of fossil fuels that harm God’s people and creation and shift toward safe, clean energy. Learn how to reduce your impact here.

Engage Others: Engage your congregation, community, peers and policymakers in leading on climate. Go here for research-driven communications tools, resources, and other materials to engage and inspire others for climate solutions.

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