General Assembly Resolutions concerning ecology

The following is a list of resolutions from the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) concerning issues associated with the environment. Categories from the Yearbook and Directory include ecology, hazardous and toxic materials, and development (world). The resolution number consists of four digits: the first two are the Assembly year and the second two are the Resolution number from the docket. Full texts of the resolutions are available below as PDF files and in the Yearbook and Directory in the issue published the year following the General Assembly in which the resolution was approved.

  • 7122 Concerning Investment Policies of the Christian Church (attention to ecological and social issues around investments);
  • 7134 Concerning World Population Growth;
  • 7326 Concerning the Negative Impact of Strip-Mining;
  • 7338 Concerning Ecology;
  • 7546 Concerning World Hunger and Development; and
  • 7546 Concerning a Response to the World Food Crisis on the part of Congregations and Members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ);
  • 7555 Concerning support of farmworkers;
  • 7561 Concerning Christian Stewardship of Food and Farm Land;
  • 7730 Report Concerning World Hunger and Response to 1975 General Assembly Resolutions 46, 47, and 61;
  • 7754 Resolution Concerning a Task Force on Ecology;
  • 7767 Resolution Concerning Energy;
  • 7957 Report on Resolution;
  • 8124 Report on the Task Force on Christian Lifestyle and Ecology;
  • 8315 Resolution Concerning an ecologically responsible Christian Lifestyle;
  • 8731 Resolution Concerning Seal Hunting;
  • 8742 Resolution Concerning Hazardous and Toxic Materials;
  • 8744 Report on the Task Force on Christian Lifestyle and Ecology;
  • 8932 Resolution Concerning Recycling;
  • 8940 Resolution concerning Energy Conservation;
  • 9123 Guidelines for the Ecumenical Sharing of Resources (Operational Business Item);
  • 9134 Report on the Task Force on Christian Lifestyle and Ecology (the Alverna Covenant emerged from this report);
  • 9135 Concerning a Period of Worship and Study of Environmental Stewardship (Operational Business Item);
  • 9320 Resolution for Sustainable Community (Sense of the Assembly Resolution);
  • 9327 Concerning Future Generations (Sense of the Assembly Resolution);
  • 0122 Concerning “Green” Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) events (Sense of the Assembly Resolution);
  • 0531 Protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Emergency Resolution);
  • 0720 Concerning a Movement to Reconnect with our Food and the Natural World;
  • 0921 Statement on Global Climate Change;
  • 1520 Concerning Environmental Racism;
  • 1723 Resolution Regarding Carbon Neutrality.

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