Mission and Retreat Centers

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Disciples mission centers are great destinations for individual and group work trips. They provide a broad range of social services and spiritual resources to support and transform their local communities, bringing hope and hospitality, healing and peace, justice and compassion. Christmount provides an important space for relaxation and spiritual renewal.

All Peoples Christian Center

The mission of All Peoples Christian Center is to continue to provide a broad spectrum of social services to all, regardless of faith or race, and to empower the community to meet its needs by promoting equality, unity, respect and self determination among all who participate in its programs.

Contact: Saundra Bryant, Director; 822 East 20th Street; Los Angeles, Calif. 90011; (213) 747-6357

Blue Theology Mission Station

For over ten years, the Blue Theology Mission Station in Pacific Grove, California provides learning/serving experiences in Ocean Stewardship. Located on the southern tip of the Monterey Bay “the ecosystem of Resurrection!” partnerships with local marine biology organizations allow our pilgrims to find the deep intersection of Christian theology and Marine biology to find the inspiration of the Ocean and the responsibility to understand the fragility of God’s good wet creation.

Contact: Dan Paul, Director; 442 Central Ave. Pacific Grove, CA 93950. (831) 372-0363 or (831) 915-8298

Disciples Appalachian Scholarship Ministry

Disciples Appalachian Scholarship Ministry (previously KAM) is a cooperative ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Kentucky, Disciples Home Missions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada, and local congregations.

Contact: Lon Oliver; Administrator, Disciples Appalachian Scholarship Ministry

Inman Christian Center

A neighborhood based community center, Inman seeks to serve the needs of low-income children and families who live near the Center and around the Westside of San Antonio. Through the work of Dr. Samuel Guy Inman, Christian Woman’s Board of Missions of the Christian Church founded Inman Christian Center in 1913.

Contact: Amber Aquino, Executive Director; 1214 Colima St.; San Antonio, Texas 78207; (210) 222-9641 www.inmancenter.org/

Kansas Christian Home

Kansas Christian Home (KCH) opened in 1962 with the Christian desire to care for elders by helping them attain physical function, social and emotional health, and spiritual growth. With our affiliation to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and a strong focus on individual care, Kansas Christian Home strives to promote dignity and independence for each elder in our home and on our independent living campus.

Contact: Karen Sturchio, CEO; 1035 SE 3rd; Newton, Kan. 67114; (316) 283-6600

Oakland Peace Center

The Oakland Peace Center is a community of artists, activists, cultural workers, educators and non-profits collaborating to bring about a city of hope, justice, nonviolence and compassion. We provide needed space, host collaborative events and trainings, and create a network of emotional and spiritual support for the 35+ Oakland-rooted organizations who partner with us. Together, we pursue access, opportunity, justice, and inner peace throughout the Bay Area.

Contact: Sandhya Jha, Founder/Executive Director, 111 Fairmount Avenue; Oakland, CA 94611

Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries

The Mission of Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries is to teach the love of Jesus Christ by building a renewed sense of wholeness and dignity and by standing with those who are broken, especially among refugees and those who are disenfranchised and displaced.

Contact: Feliberto Pereira, Founder and Executive Director; 28259 Pereira Compassion Rd.; Los Fresnos, Texas 78566; (956) 233-5198

Urban Spirit

UrbanSpirit: a community-based experience for middle school through adult, connecting the dots between mission trips and social justice, and helping well-meaning people of faith put poverty, racism and well-being in a larger context.

Contact: Deborah Conrad; P.O. Box 1050; Flint, MI, 48501; (502) 550-1236

Yakama Christian Mission

For over ninety years, the Yakama Christian Mission has served folk of the Yakama Nation.  This historical reservation allows staff to bring a unique perspective to the relationship between Disciples of Christ and American Indian Tribes.  Our mission of enhancing the well being of children and youth through advocacy and education is both local and global in nature.  We welcome volunteers who are interested in helping locally and advocating globally.

Contact: David Bell (Mission Director) or Belinda Bell (Program Director); P.O. Box 547; White Swan, Wash. 98952; (509) 874-2824

Retreat Centers

Christmount Christian Assembly

Whether it’s for one of our conferences or camps, your church retreat, a family reunion, some private spiritual time, a sabbatical, or a family getaway, check out Christmount Christian Mission.

Contact: Rob Morris, Executive Director; 222 Fern Way; Black Mountain, N.C. 28711-9771; (828) 669-8977