Devotions — 2017 Advent: “Welcome at the Manger”

Devotions — 2016 Advent:  “Yearnings to Belong”

Bible Study

Living as Spirit Blessed Communities
A seven day devotion set developed in partnership with the Interfaith Immigration Coalition (IIC).  This resource includes a seven part devotion and seven topic policy introduction papers related to refugee and immigration.



Bible References


Provide Gifts for Kids & Moms from Central America Detained This Christmas!  For the holidays, a special partnership has been worked out between RIM, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS), and ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to provide gifts to children detained in a facility in Karnes City, Texas. We know that the hundreds in Karnes City are part of over 1,700 children and mothers isolated this holiday season from their families—including hundreds just transferred also to a newly opened facility in Dilley, Texas. For details on how you can help.

Election Day

Included in this resource are: Prayers for Election Day and Justice for Immigrants; Guiding Questions to Ask about Candidates When Voting and Questions to consider of candidates regarding immigration policies. Also, see a prayer of a new citizen.


Epiphany 2016Epiphany resource, focuses on families in detention–and highlights conditions faced and options for action for people of faith.

Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries Epiphany Resource.

Angel to Angel” letter writing project to children and families in detention. (Spanish)

Father’s Day

Don’t Deport My Dad

The 2017 Father’s Day Resources “Don’t Deport My Dad” includes: Our Immigration System’s Unjustly Impacts on Dads &  & Families & Prosecutorial Discretion Changes; Family Unity is Central to Our Religious Traditions; Impacts of Detention and Deportation on Families; and Children’s Letters for Dads.

Also included are: Impacts of Detention and Deportation on Faith Communities; Helping Families Prepare Emergency Care Plans; Stories of Detained & Departed Dads; Actions to Help Support of Fathers and A Prayer for Fathers.

Independence Month

Praying for Freedom —  This prayer resource and call to action in solidarity with families detained at Berks family detention facility in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Social Media Toolkit for Ending Family Detention — In an effort to urge the Administration to end family detention, we want families across the nation to come together to amplify a common message of #freefamilies. The campaign underscores our obligation to our brothers and sisters who are immigrating to the United States.


2018 Lenten Devotions — Nine Immigration Themed Resources for Lent Encouraging Faith Commitments in Solidarity with Refugees & Immigrants

2017 Lenten Devotions — Scriptural reflections, linked as devotions with the suffering steps of refugees & immigrants, and encouraging us to act on our faith in solidarity with them.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day End Family Detention Toolkit

Mothers Day Final End Family Detention ToolkitIn recent months, Refugee and Immigration Ministries and Disciples Women have partnered to pray and act against family detention for immigrant mothers and children—who have fled horrific conditions of violence in their homelands of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala to seek protection in the U.S.  Instead, thousands are housed in large detention centers run by private prison companies for many months.  Even though most are eligible for asylee status, release is rare, and immigrants must pay bond amounts of often as much as $10,000 to gain freedom as they await immigration court appearances.  Over the next weeks surrounding Mother’s Day, multiple events will be held throughout the country to raise up these concerns of these vulnerable mothers and children.  See the Mother’s Day Toolkit to see many ways that you can best support and pray for them!!

Mother’s Day Month Tool Kit

Don't deport my momSupport Mothers and families throughout May by using the worship and advocacy resources available here. Included in the packet are resources to uplift the concerns of immigrants and families in worship. Also included is call in information to contact Congress to ask for a vote on immigration reform, and to contact the White House to ask the Administration to halt unjust deportations of 1,100 immigrants per day.  See, too, a list of resource organizations who are engaging in voter development and civic engagement events in your area–and join in their actions to support immigrant rights!


Prayer of a New Citizen
by Sophia Hlen Rahlan, First Christian Church, Charlotte, N.C.

Also see Worship Resources for Voters on Election Day

Prayers for the Arriving Children and Their Families in Crisis
by Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea


Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea, Director of Refugee & Immigration Ministries speaks in the Chapel of Christian Theological Seminary during Hispanic Heritage Month.


O God of the nomad Sarah
God of the fugitive Moses
God of the exile Nehemiah
God of the immigrant Ruth
God of the refugees Mary and Joseph
God of the itinerant teacher Jesus
God of the wandering missionary Paul
God of the uprooted and displaced,
You are God of us all as we pray together,
  “Our souls are restless until they rest in you.”

We thank you for the gift of this temporary earthly pilgrimage we call life;
  in it we find the adventures of the unexpected.
We thank you for the lessons of self reliance learned on the journey.
  We also thank you for the hard times when we learn that there is no self
  reliance for any of us. We need each other…and You.

We thank you for the generosity of strangers who give us grace moments
  where we find shelter when we thought there was no shelter.
We thank you for moments of shared bread and wine in which we taste the
  enriching delights of hospitality even among strangers.  In those moments
  we taste and see your presence with us.

We thank you for this moment of shared food and friendship.  Even with those
  whose names we cannot call we discover to be our kin, for together we are your
  sojourning friends living in your embrace making our way home.

Accept our prayers in the name of the one who ever walks with us, Jesus Christ.

Prayer by Peter Morgan
at National City Christian Church
Washington, D.C.


A sermon delivered by Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea at National City Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Washington, DC re: the children’s crisis.  Title: “Heel Gripping Hope”, Genesis 25:19-34.  Included with the sermon are Additional Liturgical Resources, by Rev. Beverly Goines, NCCC. Read more. To hear sermon.


Who Grows Food for our Feasts?  These resources provide education and links that help families and congregations build awareness of our dependence upon the gifts and energies of farmworkers; especially as we enter soon into a season where we will gather often around the table!

Disciples Refugee and Immigration Ministries also encourages congregations to strengthen our commitments to justice for farmworkers not just during harvest season, but throughout the year!  One of the ways we can do that is to join faith partners around the country like the National Farm Worker Ministry in urging Wendy’s to sign on to the Fair Food Program.  Consider boycotting Wendy’s until it does so.  Go to: for more background, and to find a letter you can deliver in person to your local Wendy’s store manager!!

The Cries of the Harvesters
A Collection of Prayer Resources Remembering Farmworkers on Thanksgiving from Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries & Partners.


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