Refugee & Immigrant Welcome Sunday 2019

Be sure to SIGN UP to let us know and promote how you’ll be honoring refugees and immigrants in your church and community!!

June is an especially appropriate time to lift up refugee and immigrant contributions and challenges, since June 20th is World Refugee Day.  Also, Disciples joined with all Church World Service and National Council of Churches partner communions in March to issue an “Ecumenical Declaration:  Protecting Welcome, Restoring Hope” in support of refugees and immigrants.

We hope YOUR congregation can join other churches around the country to celebrate your community’s welcome for Refugees and Immigrants ON JUNE 16th (or another Sunday near that time!)

See our Disciples Welcome Sunday planning toolkit and other planning resources for your Refugee & Immigrant Welcome Sunday (and stay tuned for additional resources to come) to help you in planning your event.

Hand out this “Immigrant Prayer Card” in your worship, Sunday School, or other gatherings to encourage prayer for immigrant neighbors. Tape a few sunflower or other seeds to each card before distribution.

You can find planning resources from Church World Service for your celebration here and find a “World Refugee Day Toolkit” for more materials about refugees to help for your welcome Sunday, or for another special celebration for World Refugee Day on June 20th.

Also, plan now to TAKE ACTION that shares your support for refugees by signing and delivering these Refugees Welcome Legislator Postcards to your national, state, and local leadership offices!

And, be sure to SIGN UP to let us know how you’ll be honoring refugees and immigrants.

See these Disciples Stories of Refugee & Immigrants and tell and share these stories in worship and to friends to build awareness! Also, see these “Dreamers Welcome at the Table” resources, these stories of DACA recipients, and these other resources to understand DACA and young adults praying to keep these protections. Also go to for lots more information about  whether and how you or others eligible can renew DACA now!

SUPPORT the ongoing work of Disciples Refugee and Immigration Ministries to strengthen refugees and immigrates every day! Designate to “RIM” a ministry of DHM at: Also, you may mail your contributions to Disciples Home Missions, PO Box 1986, Indianapolis, IN 46206-1986.

Review the “On Becoming Immigrant Welcoming Congregations” and Refugee Emergency” Resolutions passed at General Assembly last summer, and use them to help inform your congregation’s responses of welcome.

Go here to find the closest refugee resettlement office to your area, and contact them to arrange for a refugee speaker.  Reach out to a local immigrant congregation in your area, or contact our office to assist in inviting a local immigrant rights leader to speak. Look here for a map of the resettlement offices. For additional resources go here.

URGE CONGRESS: Ensure the U.S. Resettles at Least 45,000 Refugees in FY2018!

  • See here for action details, sample scrips, and further information you can use to encourage resettlement of refugees!
  • Call your senators and representatives today!
  • Host a #WhereRtheRefugees Public Witness Event
  • Plan an In-District Visit with Your Members of Congress during April 30-May 4, or May 28-June 1, or July 2-6, or Aug. 6-Sept. 3
  • Write Opinion Editorials & Letters to the Editor for Local Media Outlet
  • Share on Facebook & Twitter (& Tweet to @DHSgov, @realDonaldTrump, & @StanleyRea) For more details and information