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For the past few years, the crisis in Syria has been escalating. Unimaginable violence and unrest across the Middle East and Northern Africa has grown to a level that has created one of the greatest humanitarian crises in current memory. Not since the Second World War have we seen such high numbers of refugees and displaced persons desperately seeking safety and refuge in lands not their own. For resources on the Syrian refugee crisis visit.

Hold an Event For Welcoming Refugees Thru Worship, Education & Action!

Join faith communities around the country as soon as you can to show your support for refugees! Plan an event in late Spring or in June near “World Refugee Day on June 20th.” To learn how you can sponsor an event, visit the Refugee Welcome Weekend resource page.

U.S. Has Taken In Less Than a Fifth of Pledged Syrian Refugees

(New York Times) UNITED NATIONS — The Obama administration’s effort to step up asylum for Syrian refugees is going so slowly, it may not meet the president’s deadline for accepting at least 10,000 by the end of the fiscal year.

More than seven months since the president pledged to resettle the most vulnerable Syrians, the United States has let in less than a fifth of that number — 1,736 through the end of April, according to government figures.

That slow pace could undermine the administration’s diplomatic push to advance the cause of refugees at a time when other countries are putting up taller barriers to their entry. President Obama and the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, have said they will raise the issue of refugee resettlement at this year’s General Assembly session, and Mr. Ban issued a report on Monday calling on world leaders to rally around a new “compact on responsibility-sharing for refugees.” Read more.

November 16, 2015

Please see here in order to learn further about Syrian refugees—and especially to visit an interactive MAP which will show the refugee serving organizations nearest to you!  Then, also scroll down the page to ADD IN WAYS YOUR CHURCH HAS SUPPORTED REFUGEES recently.  Churches that have given Refugee Hospitality Kits, celebrated Welcome Weekend, and befriended refugees in other ways are encouraged to indicate your incredible hospitality at.  Finally, please consider showing the short but powerful virtual reality filmclip of a 12 year old Syrian refugee girl’s experience in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan.  Go here to download the free and simple VRSE app, and then select “Clouds Over Sidra” to see the powerful clip!!

What kinds of security clearances are required by refugees?  Read these articles to learn about the multiple security and health checks ALL refugees must pass before entering the U.S.:


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