Monday Moment – August 3

August 3, 2020

Essential Worshipper

Being essential is a part of God’s plan for your life. You are wonderfully made in the image of God for a purpose. It is not God’s desire for anyone to parish but to live on purpose allowing the gift that God gave you to make room for you. God did not say that life will be easy, but He did say that He would never leave us or forsake us. As you meditate on God and all that He has brought us through during this pandemic and racial discrimination know that you are essential to God. You have not been granted the hazard pay yet but it is coming. It will be given to you in several different ways: money, house, car, new job, healing, children being saved, spiritual elevation, and becoming wiser. You are essential. 

Essential Worshipper

Enduring the hurt and the pain that life brings your way

Smiling as God helps you make it through each blistering day

Suffering is something that comes to us all

Ecstatic as God reminds you that He will never let you fall

Normal is the thing that you seek to find

Trials are what makes you know that God is divine

Ironically, the hard times are what makes you true

Allowing yourselves to really become brand new

Love is flowing from your heart because God gave it to you from the very start

Worshipping God every day is a step in the right direction

Obedience will help you make the connection

Rejuvenating yourself from all that was loss

Strength came when you chose Jesus to be your boss

Hallelujah your eyes are open, and your vision is clear

Intertwining with God and His spirit causes you to cheer

Praise God, Praise God who has the master plan

Empowering the word of God will help you to stand

Ready willing and able to give it your best, to assist others to be blessed

Claudette President