Monday Moment – December 28, 2020

December 28, 2020


Listen for the Voice of God


Most of our conversations since March have been about not being able to do normal activities. Most of the commercials on television start out with, “In this time”. We keep talking about all the things we are going to do “when this is over.” But…have we thought that God may want us to take this time to rest? To be quiet so that we can hear from Him? To sit at the feet of Jesus and ponder on the things He has to tell us?

In Luke 10: 38-42, we find the story of Jesus visiting the home of two sisters, Mary and Martha. Like always, one sister was busy making things ready for the guests while the other sister is in the room with them; I would like to say, showing hospitality. I would probably be like Mary. I can imagine I would be in the family room or den, talking and listening to everything, especially if Jesus was the one talking, and in person, too!

When this scripture is taught, most of the time, it is said that Jesus was teaching and giving instruction. However, I want to say they were also in conversation about the journey, laughing at something Peter said or did, and making light of Andrew because he looked hungry. I want to say these things because these are the things that we do when we are waiting around to get to the table and eat. I don’t think it was as serious as we want to make it. These were regular men and women who were tired and hungry.

Since Martha had the kitchen locked down, Mary figured that she would take care of the hospitality part. Martha looks in and thinks, “Here I am getting things ready and she got the nerve to be in there sitting down, laughing and talking.” She goes in and tries to throw Mary under the bus. No ma’am not today. Jesus tells Martha, “Hold on Sis, you are doing too much, and you are not focused right now. Mary is trying to hear my voice. She is listening and staying focused on what I need her to hear.”

It was her time to hear the words of Jesus and the only way she could do that was by sitting and listening. The busyness had to stop for a while so she could focus, just like we have had to do in these last few months. Stop; stay in, and listen for the voice of God. Remember Romans 8:28, “We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God-those whom He had called according to his plan.”

Wanona Rogers-Redd
IDWM President