Monday Moment – February 1, 2021

January 31, 2021

“Who is he, this King of glory? The Lord Almighty— he is the King of glory.” Psalms 24:10


We find ourselves, sisters, in a time of deep uncertainty and a time of great division. We seem divided on every issue, cause, decision and movement. Why is this? Why is it we can no longer find common ground? Have we ever, truly, been able to find common ground? Have we simply been living with our head close to the ground unable to see obstacles that stand in front of us. We have been like turtles, pulling our heads deep within us, hiding our eyes so that we don’t have to see the realities that are before us.

There has always been, and will continue to be, dangers that lurk in the tall grasses and weeds among the wheat. But, we must make the decision to not be as a turtles, but rather stand tall as giraffe seeing past this current doubt, division, and uncertainty. Seeing the sun on the horizon and the life that comes from the heavens; we must have eyes that can see the dangers but also see the Light. We are called to live our lives glorifying God, uniting together in God’s name. It is when we live in to this calling that we can say without a doubt that God is King and Lord Almighty! For it as when we fail to see what unites us in the end what divides us that God is glorified! Who are we to live lives of division when we were created in the image of God? Who are we to allow the world to tear us apart when God created us to live in communion with one another?

As Disciples of Christ it is our duty to solve the issues that divide us. We cannot and we must not live with our heads buried deep in our shells allowing the world to simply go on around us. We must stand tall with loud voices and say “This is not right!” Division must end! Social injustices must end! Racism must end! Sexism and inequality must end! The “ism’s” must end! It all ends with us! It ends when the fierce Disciples Women, together with one voice, say “this IS the end!” We will no longer stand apart but we will stand together, united as children of the Almighty Lord! May this serve as a reminder that there is no person, idea, identity or political party that is greater then the one and only true God! Let God reign and let God be gloried by our unity!

Alishah Hardway