Monday Moment – February 15, 2021

February 14, 2021


February is the month that we cannot help but think about love. In fact, we celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 showing love to those we care deeply about. There are four types of love Storge, Philia, Erose, and Agape. Storge is that family love. Philia is friendship love. Eros is the romantic love. Agape is that unconditional love that comes from God. We are God’s Valentine every day. No matter what we have done or continue to do, God loves us in spite of ourselves. As you continue about your daily and weekly routine remember that God is whatever you need Him to be. God will always be on time and considers you the love of His life. You are God’s Valentine.


God’s Valentine


God’s love is unconditional and always with us

One day at a time is the way we must

Declare and decree that we will make it through

Speaking those things into existence believing it will come true

Victory belongs to me through Christ that makes me strong

Abiding in God’s word all day long

Living life by demonstrating that Agape love

Now and forever will spread like a flying dove

Treasuring all that I have learned

Intrigued at all God has taught me to discerned

No matter what I am facing

Eternal unconditional love is all I am embracing

God, I know that I am your Valentine

Trusting and believing that you are mine


Written by: Claudette President