Monday Moment – January 11, 2021

January 10, 2021


The Week of January 11, 2021, is Human Trafficking Awareness week. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the whole concept as well as the width and breadth of human trafficking. Poverty and the vulnerability that results from it are the root of most trafficking and the methods used by traffickers to lure and manipulate the hopeless and suffering into becoming victimized.

Those who are rescued require psychological and physical care. Their injuries are not always visible and need specific care to recover from their ordeal. Laws and enforcement are necessary to deter those individuals who continue to prey on the vulnerable.

We have sisters all over the world doing the work and using creativity and resources to address all these needs. Today we celebrate all of those who are engaged as helpers in this cause. We celebrate our global sisters and we celebrate the women of US and Canada who are working with and through Disciples Women everywhere to end this sinful practice.

May we speak boldly like Moses and Aaron to end slavery.

May we work to reduce the vulnerabilities of women and girls everywhere recognizing how poverty is a large contributor to that vulnerability. May we be compassionate in addressing these needs.

May we protect those who are rescued from any additional harm as their needs are addressed.

May we be conduits of peacemaking and caregiving to bring hope and joy to those who suffer shame and fear.

May we offer love and care to others knowing that God can make them new.


Pat Donahoo

Executive Director of Disciples Women