Monday Moment – January 13, 2020

January 21, 2020

All Things Work Together for Good

My favorite scripture is Romans 8:28. It states that all things are working together for the good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. In the midst of all that life brings God is working it out for your good. It is not going to feel good to you, but it is working for the good for you. Do not mistake the feeling good with things that are working for your good. Back in the days when I was growing up, there were three different medicines that we had to drink during the fall and winter seasons. The purpose of this was to prevent us from getting a cold or the flu. It was the liquid castor oil, cod liver oil, and three six cold medicine. The taste was horrible; we had to drink it straight. The medicine serviced its purpose and we did not get sick. Know that our troubles, difficult, and hard times are like that nasty tasting medicine. It is working for your good to help you to walk into your purpose.

Claudette President