Monday Moment – June 21, 2021

June 20, 2021

“Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant”


I recently lost my mother-in-law, Faye, a few days short of her 98th birthday. She was better known to me as mother-in-love, mom, my mentor and Big Mama to her family. From the 1st day I was introduced me to my future in-laws, they treated me like their own. Not many of us have the honor to have a true Naomi and Ruth relationship as told us through Scripture. Although I am blessed to still have my husband very much alive and well, I know that I would have followed her anywhere she needed.

I didn’t grow up in the Disciples church. A few years after we married, my husband and I went to the church he spent most of his life in and where his parents were faithful servants. Faye was President of Christian Women’s Fellowship as we knew back then. She was so excited to have me attend and become very active with her. She mentored me in her faith and servanthood. She was a mentor and encourager to many other women throughout the church and Louisiana Region. She served as Elder and every leadership position possible in her church. I was amazed to watch her lead her Covenant Bible Study group until she was 92 years old! She rarely missed a Sunday until the pandemic hit us.

So why do I write this you ask….

Many of us have a woman of faith that has inspired us to be a servant of love and share Christ with someone. However, many young women may not have that woman. You my friends, could be that woman of faith to some young child, young lady or even a stranger in your path. I know that if we reach out and share the love of Christ and His Word to everyone we meet, the problems of this world could be defeated in time. My prayers are with all of you who may read this to be an inspiration to others. God Bless You, good and faithful servant.

Carol Renee Eakin
President of Kings Highway Christian DWM Shreveport, LA
Member-at-large IDWM Board