Monday Moment – November 9, 2020

November 8, 2020

A God Moment


Recently, I encountered the use of the phrase  “that’s a God moment, or a God wink.”  It’s used when something unexpected happens, something that causes your soul to pause, relax, to breathe and smile. For me, I say thank you Jesus, shout hallelujah, and if I’m in the right space, I do a little Holy dance.

Traveling last week on an open country highway, mph 70. I was going roughly 75-78ish with very few vehicles on the highway. I was cruising right along when I said loudly, (no one in the car but me); “slow down, you don’t have the money to pay for a speeding ticket!” About a mile ahead there sat a local law enforcement vehicle with radar aiming right at the oncoming traffic. I laughed, said thank you Jesus, and hallelujah. That was a God moment…. but what I like to call the Holy Spirit speaking, leading and guiding me. But what if I had not listened to the Spirit? We go through our daily lives missing out on God moments because we fail to listen and obey the Spirit.

We get depressed and down on ourselves, sick of everything happening around us; we want to stay in bed or in our pjs all day. The Spirit says, “get up take a shower.” Then we get that text, call, or card in the mail that lifts our day, unexpectedly. That’s a God moment!

Did you know that God instructs others to pray for you and lift you up? Just like today, God has instructed me to tell you about my God moment to lift your spirit and make you smile… why because God loves us and is present with us. Just listen and obey the God moments in your life.

I hope this Monday Moment has been your God moment and made you smile and give God praise.

Rev. Marilyn F. Williams

IDWM Pres. 2014-2020 Raleigh, NC