Monday Moment – October 9, 2020

October 12, 2020

Freedom in wild hair

When do I get to brush your hair again? This may seem like an odd question but it’s one that I recently asked my daughters. See since the quarantine and since school has been out (homeschooling in full effect), they have refused to do their hair. With the exception of when we go out as a family for a drive or to the occasional target run, my girls have been running wild and free with their hair undone. And though this is not that big of a deal, it bothered me. I had to think about why this bothered me for a minute. What is the big deal? They are stuck at home and we have nothing going on that would require them to have their hair done. But that was just it. I miss having things to do, places to go, I find myself missing the hustle and bustle of convincing them to let me put a ponytail in their hair. This quarantine has certainly changed a lot for my family and for many families, and yet I am grateful that we are safe and well.

In times of difficulty and of boredom, of anxiety and worry, it is important to take stock of the important things. The stark reality is that things are not well and though things may be hard, we are persevering and pushing through by staying in, by following the social distancing regulations, and by yes not doing our hair. I had to let go of those expectations and recognize that this is affecting them as well as us as adults. I choose to let my daughters run around with wild hair because it represents a way of letting go. Letting go and letting God. Trusting in God that soon enough things will get better and that there will be a day when the hustle and bustle will return, and we will be running behind them with a comb and brush in hand getting them ready for school and for their daily activities. I look into their wild hair and I can see freedom and trust in the one who holds us all; our God who cares for each of us and does not care one bit if our hair is done or not.

So, ladies, what have you had to let go of in order to enter into a space of trust with God. Some people have it really bad right now, and I am in deep prayer for them and their families. Many of us have had to mourn the loss of things that we held dear. But Perhaps letting the small things go can help us to find time to surrender to the provider of peace and comfort. I no longer fight my daughters to do their hair and we are all happier for it. It has taught me to release myself from a sense of control. I do not have control over these circumstances, none of us do. What we can do it refuse to stay in the negative and instead let our hair loose. Letting go so that we can let God. Let’s let our hair run wild my sisters and let us remember that God will return us to times in which we will miss not having to do our hair. Until then, it’s just hair, let it run free and maybe you too will feel your spirit lightened.

Many Blessings,
Tanya Lopez
IDWM Obra Hispana Representative